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Apple’s devices remain some of the most secure on the market. And with every update, this security level is only heightened. Still, any security system is only as secure as the handler. In this guide, we identify 10 important tips to secure your iphone.

1. Regularly update your iOS

Apple always looks to find vulnerabilities in their systems, and release security patches to address those leaks. Updating your apple device helps improve your security at every turn.

2. DON’T jailbreak

Jailbreaking may appear attractive due to the extra features and apps it provides you with, but it also greatly hampers your security and breaks your device warranty.

3. Use stronger passwords

Always use a password on your device. When selecting a password, be sure to mix it up so it’s difficult to guess. Use 6-digit passwords for higher difficulty levels. And avoid using one password across multiple apps.

4. Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security beyond your password. Enabling this option on your device means you’d have to authorize access even if hackers discover your password.

5. Enable Find My iPhone

Although you don’t plan to have your phone stolen, it’s good to prepare for the worst. Find My iPhone helps you locate your device when stolen. It also allows you remotely lock or erase the phone after a theft.

6. Be careful with the links

If you’ve received any phony emails or texts from suspect accounts, avoid clicking any links they may provide. Also steer clear of any file attachments. These are great phishing and malware tools for hackers.

7. Avoid public Wi-Fi

Helpful as they may be, public Wi-Fi are a treasure trove of unscrupulous individuals. These ones take advantage of the lack of security on these networks and attack. Always use a VPN when connecting to a public network.

8. Review app permissions

Do not give more permissions than necessary to any app. If you don’t think the permissions are required for the service, or you don’t feel comfortable with them, revoke the permissions and delete the app.

9. Stay away from public chargers

Because power chords typically also double as data transmission cables, they are easy tools for hackers to establish connection with your device.

10. Watch your online behavior

Prevent possible hacking through social engineering by making as little personal data public, as possible. Keep details like your date of birth, home address, etc. away from social media.

Also, we are sharing 10 best VPN services that gives you more security while surfing on internet.


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