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Business Ideas for Women : Fashion Design School, Voiceover Artist, Cake Making & Jewelry Making

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33. Fashion Design School
Fashion schools are popular these days. Many women entrepreneurs are in the business but there is still room for new individuals. If you have got some experience, you could do it.

Sufficient knowledge and experience are essential and of course, you should know how to motivate your students, teach them, and give them confidence and skill.

Fashion designing school not only earn money from the monthly fee but also sell the design they make. So, it is a good idea to consider.

35. Voiceover Artist
Do you have great speaking skills and a good voice? If yes, you can start working online without any investment. Voice over work can be your go. You can lend your voice for audiobooks, video ads, radio, and YouTube videos.

Working women can do voice-over work to earn some extra cash part-time. But the question is how do you find work to do?

Join freelance platforms (UpWork) and make a sample of your voice over work. You’re good to bid on jobs that are related to voice over work.

Definitely, it would be difficult initially as you are no expert and you do not have great feedback on your profile. But you’ll learn everything with time and soon you’ll be getting invitations from the clients themselves.

36. Cake Making Business
Women are smart and intelligent cooks. And if you’re one of them, cake making is your business idea to work on. You can easily excel in the food industry if you have made up your mind.

The cake demands increase on special occasions, including Halloween, Eid, and Christmas. So, you can earn big money on such occasions.

The good part is that the cake demand isn’t affected by season and therefore, it can guarantee you a steady income throughout the year.

37. Jewelry Making Business
One of the coolest business ideas for women in the fashion industry is the jewelry business. But here you need to put both money and hard work to be successful.

Once you’re in the business, you’ll have to design jewelry from different materials from plastic to gold. Also, you would make unique and creative designs that have never been made.

You can also design customized jewelry on client’s request. In order to make your brand known, you must do marketing, especially at the beginning of your business.


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