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Business Ideas for Women : Be A Florist, Data Entry, Embroidery & Bridal Store

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29. Be A Florist
Many people have turned their hobbies into businesses. And you can do that if you have an interest in gardening and natural beauty by becoming a florist.

Thousands of people buy flowers for loved ones every single day. So, you can help them by providing them fresh flowers and customized bouquets. Can’t you?

30. Form filing or data entry
Data entry is among easy and suitable internet business ideas for housewives. The good part is that you only need a PC and internet connection. You might have that already.

It is a home-based work.
Flexible work hours allowed.
Online tools and software help you become efficient and faster.
Data entry business has some potential challenges:

You’ll need fast and accurate typing.
You must be a person who gives attention to details.
It can be low paying than many other small businesses.
The competition is stiff.
Now the question is where can you start form filling or data entry? Some of the high paying legit sites are SmartCrowd, 2Captcha, and ClickWorker.

31. Embroidery Services
Embroidery industry is a multi-billion industry. Embroidery machines are now available in the market. Moreover, it is made easier by modern equipment and computer software.

It can be home-based, but a separate showroom where items can be displayed should be established. It will increase your chances of standing out in the competition.

What do you need to get into the embroidery business? Inventory items such as shirt, hats, jackets, embroidery machines and accessories, and other items for your store.

32. Bridal Store
The bridal store is a profitable retail business idea. Women know the things people spend money on at wedding ceremonies and therefore, bridal store business is a fun business idea for them.

Just having an interest or knowing about a niche is not enough, you must do some planning and research to ensure the success of your bridal store.

Initially, you will have to find reliable manufacturers and distributors. You’ll need to participate in local bridal events to promote your dresses and other products. You can also network with wedding planners to get referral traffic and make more sales.


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