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Business Ideas for Women : Gift Shop, Basket, Hair Stylist & Children Party Planning

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25. Gift Shop
The gift shop is a good full-time business idea for moms who want to invest little. The great part, unlike many small businesses, is that no prior experience is needed to start a gift shop.

Search the internet for the latest and most preferred gift items and find a trusted dealer who could supply the stock without any delay.

Prefer to get a small space but in a prime location. You can adjust gifts in small space and also people know what to find in a gift shop. And the idea is to make yourself known in the market.

26. Basket making at home
Gift baskets are needed in parties, birthdays, festivals, and other events. And if you have a flair of creativity, you could easily make decorative baskets, boxes, and bags to suit anyone’s taste. It is a great side business idea for ladies sitting at home.

Marketing of attractively packaged basket isn’t hard at all. You’re to take pictures and upload them online on your social media page. You should also contact the nearby local shops and show them your designs.

Some clients may also order customized baskets with their company’s logo on them. You could charge them relatively high.

27. Hair Stylist
Many experienced employees are making the transition from workers to become a salon owner. So, if you’re waiting for the right time, just decide and jump into it.

Certainly, you’ll face the competition. But that’s not something to worry about if you have knowledge and skill to bring the new customers and retain them by offering quality services.

The big mistake that most entrepreneurs make while starting a hairstyling business is that they pick the wrong location.

If you ask hair salon owners, you’ll come to know that many of them wish to have picked a location with high visibility and more traffic. The point is “be very careful about the location”.

28. Children Party Planning
Children love parties. That’s the reason why the demand for party planners is high, especially in urban areas. Depending on the location you live in, party planning could be the right business opportunity for you.

It is important that you find out the market feasibility by conducting research. And also, you better have a vision of the future of this business before getting into it.

Children party planning isn’t a bad idea. You’ll learn organizing, managing and other aspects of party planning, which later can help you handle corporate clients of event planning and partying.


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