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Business Ideas for Women : Beauty parlor, Cosmetics Shop, Fitness & Proofreading Service

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21. Beauty parlor
Women know the importance of beauty and so, can deal with it. That’s the reason beauty parlor business idea has proven to be one of the most successful business ideas for women.

Setting a beauty parlor in a commercial or busy market can make you good revenue. Certainly, you’ll need to invest money. The chances of your beauty parlor success can be guessed after having a look at the plan you have.

If you have a very small budget and you want to start your parlor from home, you could give it a start. But as soon as you become stable, you should think of expanding your business by putting more money, buying new and advanced equipment and hiring qualified staff.

22. Cosmetics Shop
It is yet another profitable small business idea from the beauty industry. Almost every one of us uses beauty and skin care products to look. And that’s why they are always in demand.

If you’re planning to start a retail cosmetic shop, you should learn the federal government regulations.

Initially, it is okay to have a small start. But with time it should grow and your goal should be to make it a standard cosmetic shop that keeps every related product.

This is not all. You could set up an online store and send the products to the customers. This way you’ll be able to generate enormous sales and profits.

23. Fitness Center (Gym)
The gym center requires good money to set up. The equipment is expensive. But the good thing is that it is a one-time investment business. You won’t need to bother about anything for years.

In case, you want to expand your gym business, you can consider renting more space and increasing revenue streams.

Certainly, you can’t just depend on the money that you earn from gym membership and monthly fee. Therefore, you’ll have to make more stream of income such as juice bars, tanning salons, fitness classes, and renting out space to personal trainers.

This is a good small business idea for women who are passionate about their health and fitness. The bad part is that it doesn’t have a flexible work schedule.

24. Proofreading Service
Proofreaders are needed and even home-based writers hire proofreaders. So, if you think you’re good at catching mistakes, you should give it a try.

If you make your mind to start service as a proofreader, join online freelance platform now. Initially, you’ll get low paying clients as you won’t have a good portfolio to show. You can get hired on the related Facebook group as well.

As soon as you work and get good feedback, you’ll start getting bigger projects. Some companies could even hire you permanently.



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