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Business Ideas for Women : Freelance writing, Laundry, Sell on ETSY & In-home childcare

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17. Freelance writing
Maybe you’re a hardworking woman looking for businesses with unlimited earning potential. If yes, freelance writing is for you.

You can work hard to achieve your earning goals while you’re flexible in hours of work and projects. Join UpWork and search for jobs:

Send proposals on the projects that interest you.
Avoid sending proposals more than you can handle.
Initially, look for building your portfolio, not just making money.
Once you’re an expert in writing, you should opt to go for big projects only.
You do not necessarily need to join UpWork. You can find freelance writing jobs on other popular freelance sites, including Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Freelance.

18. Start a laundry business
Laundry business is among the profitable small business ideas. But it is suitable for active and physically fit people. So, if you’re looking for less physical work, laundry isn’t suitable for you.

Laundry is an ongoing chore, but not everyone has time for it. That’s the reason people are paying money for it.

When you’re planning to start, make sure you conduct comprehensive research. This is because it might not work in some places. For example, most people in small towns would prefer doing their own laundry. So, there you can’t be successful.

You should look for a place near schools, hostels, offices, and other institutions where most of the people will need laundry services.

19. Sell on ETSY
Etsy is a platform where you can open an online shop. It feels like a complicated thing to do, however, it is straightforward and simple. You can run it part-time while doing a full-time job.

If you do not know what you should be selling, you should start with research. Once you know the top selling products on Etsy, you could start your digital venture then.

20. In-home childcare
In-home childcare business is another profitable business opportunity that women can engage themselves in. If you love kids and you have one or two of your own, you would not only impact your kid’s life but also benefit other kids by starting childcare.

The amount you’ll earn in this business varies depending on the location. In some places, you can charge $30 for a day while in other’s you can charge even more.

When you’re starting, you should keep your prices a little lower than your competitors. Once you build some clients base, you can raise your prices to stay competitive with daycares in your area.



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