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Marketing Tips #21: Be Patient With Your Experiments, Marketing Tips #22: Always Put Your Audience First & Marketing Tips #23: Customers Crave Personalized Content

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Marketing Tips #21: Be Patient With Your Experiments

My biggest realization this year was how much patience you need when it comes to marketing.

SEO typically takes 6+ months to really get ROI positive, which I knew, but I didn’t fully get till this year how patient you have to be with ads as well.

We’d started ads experiments in the past and then cancelled them prematurely, but now that we’re really investing in figuring out ads over 3+ months, we’re starting to see much better results.

So that’s the big lesson: patience! Everything good takes time.

– Nat Eliason, CEO & Founder of Growth Machine

Marketing Tips #22: Always Put Your Audience First

Too many marketers forget to put the audience’s needs, desires, habits, language and preferences at the center of their strategy and tactics. Your audience should be at the center of all your marketing; your marketing is ultimately for them, more than it is for you.

Before launching a new campaign, creating a piece of content, embracing a new tactic, or otherwise engaging with your audience, ask yourself if what you’re doing is in their best interest. If it’s not, adapt the strategy or the tactic to put the audience back at the center, where they belong.

– Melanie Deziel, Founder of StoryFuel

Marketing Tips #23: Customers Crave Personalized Content

I’m planning on working on more live video and things that aren’t scalable next year. Consumers are craving more personalized content, and I think giving that as much as possible is what will set me apart.

A lot of changes happened in 2019, so my biggest lesson is to test, test, and keep testing! I work in the world of social media, and there are so many things that are out of your control. What could have worked last year may not work in the next.

That’s why it’s so important that marketers listen to their consumers! As marketers, sometimes we want to do cool things or try tactics because we think they’re cool. But as long as we always listen to our consumers, we will succeed!

– Andréa Jones, Social Media Strategist


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