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Marketing Tips #18: LinkedIn Continues Its Rise as a Premier Marketing Channel, Marketing Tips #19: Data Will Be Your Biggest Advantage & Marketing Tips #20: Be The Face Of Your Business

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Marketing Tips #18: LinkedIn Continues Its Rise as a Premier Marketing Channel

My team will be focusing on category creation and positioning us as the de facto category leader. More than just finding a pre-existing niche to compete in, it’s far better to create that niche yourself.

I expect LinkedIn to continue to be a huge channel for us (we target sales leaders who essentially live on LinkedIn), and adding even more tactics like events, digital ads, and out-of-home advertising to the marketing mix will be hugely beneficial for us.

An experiment that’s paid off really well for us in 2019 has been video marketing. Video, including live video, has worked phenomenally well for us, especially on LinkedIn. We’ve seen a ton of engagement, comments, and responses to our quirky content videos.

I always try to remember that being different is better than being better.

It’s really difficult to be a lot better at what everyone else in your space is already doing. You have to be 10 times better to really stand out. 20% better simply won’t cut through the noise. It’s usually wiser to go in a completely different direction and just be different. That makes you, by definition, a leader at whatever you’re doing.

– Udi Ledergor, CMO at Gong.io

Marketing Tips #19: Data Will Be Your Biggest Advantage

In many ways, the channels and tactics we use in 2020 are going to be very similar to 2019. I think the primary difference will come in how we use them.

Most brands now cover the gamut in terms of channels and tactics they are using, so I think it is going to be more and more difficult for them to distinguish themselves on channel alone. My prediction is that you will see marketing teams going deeper with key channels rather than adding more.

As marketing budgets tighten (and they will), the channels that bring the most bang for the buck will win.

In 2019, organic social took a huge hit in terms of effectiveness for B2B brands, and I think that will continue. As a marketer myself, I learned the value of segmentation and commuting specific messages to specific customer types based on their buying journey.

In other words, target messaging vs. broad brand messages. Doing this will require companies to collect and organize a lot of data, but the ones who do will have a major advantage over their peers.

– Garrett Moon, CEO and CoFounder of CoSchedule

Marketing Tips #20: Be The Face Of Your Business

Marketing trends and fads will come and go. You know what never goes out of style? Helping your market before you ask for the sale. Being the face of your business can give you massive leverage, especially if you’re competing in a “sea of sameness” in which your business and offerings are almost indistinguishable from those of your competitors.

Since the early 2000s, I’ve been the face of every business I’ve launched, including Insane Growth. Why? Well, people buy from people. It’s much easier to earn trust, add value, and build a relationship when your business has a face to it — think about Steve Jobs with Apple, Richard Branson with Virgin, or Sarah Blakey with Spanx.

These entrepreneurs knew that humans buy with emotion first and logic second. And the easiest way to appeal to the emotional side of someone’s brain is to tell your story. To be real. To communicate the passion you have for your products, services, and market as a human being.

– Mitchell Harper, CEO and Founder of Insane Growth


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