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Marketing Tips #15: Match Your User’s Intent Wherever Possible, Marketing Tips #16: Boost Content With Facebook Ads & Marketing Tips #17: Customer Experience is the New Marketing

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Marketing Tips #15: Match Your User’s Intent Wherever Possible

There are two big opportunities that we’re focused on for 2020. The first is creating long-tail SEO content due to the fact that Google’s new updates are making it easier and easier for people to find specific content online.

The second is going deeper into email segmentation. We’ve found that by segmenting generic newsletter subscribers by pageviews (for instance, visiting a URL containing “fitness”), we’ve been able to retroactively create targeted lists allowing us to send more emails to fewer people, delivering much higher open and click-through-rates.

My biggest lesson this year was realizing the power behind personalizing your call-to-action.

For example, we previously used to ask people if they “want some marketing tips?” when they visited our blog. It worked, but it was very generic.

Halfway through the year, we changed each prompt to be specific to the page each user was on instead. For instance, the new message might read “want some tips on growing your Instagram following?” if a user is on an article about Instagram.

This small change resulted in a 46% increase in responses and 2000+ new messages for our sales team to manage each month.

Marketers have a tendency to create content that feels like it’s coming out of a megaphone broadcasting to a million people. The best marketing is casual, conversational, and has the feeling like you’re just speaking to a friend.

To me, always keeping a single person in mind when you’re creating content is key.

– Kevin Ho, VP Marketing at Wishpond

Marketing Tips #16: Boost Content With Facebook Ads

We’re doubling down on SEO with really specific content targeted at medium and long-tail keywords. As per our pain point SEO and content ideation articles, those convert extremely well, the traffic is evergreen, and this tactic doesn’t seem to be at risk of being outdated anytime soon.

This year, we learnt that Facebook ads can work really well for promoting content and generating short-term traffic. Yes, you need to have a budget, but it doesn’t need to be much (< $1000/m), and it can get you a good surge of initial traffic from highly targeted personas while SEO takes its time to kick in.

Every marketer needs to know that one channel that works very well is worth far more than many channels that kind of work, so spend your time looking for that one channel.

– Devesh Khanal, Co-founder of Grow and Convert

Marketing Tips #17: Customer Experience is the New Marketing

It’s important to continue to relentlessly focus on customer satisfaction and providing great experiences. Every single customer can be an advocate, and there’s a huge opportunity to leverage this through customer dialogue, personalization, and micro-storytelling.

My one big marketing rule is: Never rest easy.

Channels degrade, audiences lose interest, and new competition and information crop up all the time. You should never get complacent with your existing channels, and keep questioning and testing your assumptions all the time.

– Ada Chen Rekhi, Founder and COO of Notejoy


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