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Marketing Tips #13: Master Your Main Marketing Channel & Marketing Tips #14: Email Newsletters Remain a Key Focus

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Marketing Tips #13: Master Your Main Marketing Channel

Find your silver bullet. The fastest-growing companies of our era started with doubling down on one main marketing channel, mastering it, and scaling it before broadening.

Glossier started with influencer marketing on social. Dollar Shave Club started with viral-style videos on paid social. Companies like Onnit and Four Sigmatic started with podcast advertising. The focus channel can act as a silver bullet because it enables other channels as well.

For example, content marketing enables customer retention and success (educating customers about the benefits of your product), organic search, affiliate marketing (as your company is more visible to potential affiliates), PR, and paid social.

The trick is to own the channel. If you can be the best in the industry on one channel and use that channel to fuel other marketing efforts, it’s difficult not to get ahead.

– Sarah Peterson, VP of Marketing at Unsettle Consulting

Marketing Tips #14: Email Newsletters Remain a Key Focus

For 2020 (and the end of 2019), we’re focusing on building our relationship with our customers through our newsletter DM Insider. Newsletters have been a growing trend that continue to demand attention as the newest marketing strategy.

This also follows our long-standing belief that “email isn’t dead.” In fact, email is doing better than ever, but you have to know how to talk to your customers, and providing them insight into industry news and trends every week will only strengthen the bond with your list.

So far, we’ve seen great results from DM Insider, and we plan on hunkering down and making this a real focus moving into the new year. We want our email to provide the most relevant and updated information to marketers, so they get real value out of it.

We also hope that based on the value we’re providing, we become the go-to source for all things marketing related. Basically, we want our customers to come in every Monday morning and scroll to find DM Insider in their inbox, so we can continue to build a relationship with our customers week after week.

– Amanda Powell, Director of Marketing at DigitalMarketer


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