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Marketing Tips #11: Video Remains the King of Content & Marketing Tips #12: Focus on Landing Featured Snippets on Google

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Marketing Tips #11: Video Remains the King of Content

I plan on focusing more on video next year. It’s not necessarily new, but it’s still underused in the audience I’m trying to reach. And as rare as it is, a good video that’s both educational and engaging is even rarer.

Given my focus on and experience with brand voice, I see a great opportunity for me to stand out in that medium. I’m less about following popular trends and more about finding me-shaped gaps in the market.

2019 proved to me that not every piece of content needs to be SEO-focused. In the past, almost everything I published publicly on a blog was an in-depth, SEO-friendly blog post. And while that’s great for attracting new audiences, this year I tried to balance that more with shorter, more bottom-of-funnel pieces to nurture my existing audience.

I already had that content (for example, in email nurture sequences), but making it publicly findable helped more than I thought it would.

Spend as much time using a piece of content as you do creating it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a whole day promoting a piece of content as soon as it goes live, but it does mean you don’t forget about it once you hit publish. It means you go back and update and optimize it quarterly, use it in future campaigns, and remix and repurpose it when you can.

– Brittany Berger, Content Marketing Consultant

Marketing Tips #12: Focus on Landing Featured Snippets on Google

Not necessarily an up-and-coming tactic, but something that is becoming more and more important is optimising for a shifting SERP — specifically, structuring content to win more featured snippet placements.

We find opportunities for this with our process:

  1. Use Ahrefs to filter out all the articles we rank for in positions 1-2 that have a snippet, but we don’t show in it.
  2. Analyse current snippet and model their approach.
  3. Tackle optimisation in batches of 5-10, pending on the size of the site.

The Results

This simple process has allowed us to steal 40-50% of the snippets with top-ranking articles. While this might not seem like that much, across a large subset of content, this can add up to a lot of extra eyeballs and traffic.

Something that’s really clicked with me this year is focusing on analyzing traffic and click data instead of volume when performing keyword research.

I used to focus way too much on search volume. But, with so many new elements emerging in the SERPs, there are now a lot more zero-click SERPs. So, I’ve made the mistake of targeting terms that look like they get a lot of searches but don’t actually drive much traffic, at least compared to other targets.

With SEO becoming more important than ever, it’s essential that you align your entire keyword/content strategy with your site monetisation model. You want to make sure your content is exactly the kind of thing that person was looking for when they use that search term.

For example, if you monetise mainly from ad revenue, you will likely prioritise top-funnel terms that have higher search volume and can drive more eyeballs to your ads. If you’re an affiliate site, you’ll use modifiers to filter the terms with more investigational intent — modifiers like “best,” “vs,” “alternatives,” etc.

– Robbie Richards, Author of robbierichards.com


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