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Marketing Tips #9: The Rise of the Nano-Influencer & Marketing Tips #10: Pair Long-Form Content With Tactical Videos

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Marketing Tips #9: The Rise of the Nano-Influencer

I think videos are going to be the future of content, and I will focus more on that, as it is still a very small part of my current strategy and I plan to invest more time into creating and posting content on my YouTube channel. Apart from that, I also plan to continue hosting my podcasts, as I have seen a good response to it from my audience.

The rise of videos is the biggest marketing trend that I will focus on, and I think other marketers should also.

I learned that influencer marketing has not yet reached its peak and is continuously evolving with different microtrends. One such trend is the rise of nano-influencers and how businesses are working with several smaller influencers rather than one or two bigger ones. A lot of businesses now have a whole network of influencers working for them. And the best part is that their content does not look overly promotional. So, I guess the evolution of influencer marketing is what exceeded my expectations last year.

However, finding the right influencers and collaborating with them in a smooth and efficient manner still remains a challenge for most of my clients. And, that is where they seek my help.

The number one rule of marketing is and will always be “know your customers.” Any type of marketing initiative you want to execute should be based on thorough consumer research. You need to know who you’re targeting to effectively determine how to target them.

– Shane Barker, Digital Strategist, Brand and Influencer Consultant

Marketing Tips #10: Pair Long-Form Content With Tactical Videos

Something that’s worked really well for me this year is the pairing of highly tactical YouTube videos with long-form written content. I’ve started to see a really strong correlation between my most successful long-form articles rising in organic search rankings shortly after embedding a well-produced, genuinely helpful YouTube video I’ve made on the same topic. I’ll be doubling down on that as we head into the new year!

My biggest marketing lesson this year is that it’s dangerous to rely upon a small number of content pieces to drive the majority of your revenue.

After seeing some volatility in my organic search rankings for a couple of key articles on competitive keyword phrases this summer, it really forced me into coming up with more clear plans for diversifying both my revenue streams and my traffic sources.

I’m now publishing and promoting new content at a quicker pace than ever before, and a few months into this new implementation, I’m starting to see the impact of that paying off in a meaningful way.

My one piece of advice is to never lose touch with who your audience really is.

The moment you begin chasing random keyword opportunities or affiliate-aligned campaigns, you start to stray away from delivering truly beneficial content (and solutions) to your audience.

While selling is without a doubt a natural part of every marketing handoff, marketers themselves can’t afford to forget that their job is to deliver value first. When you forget that, your competitors will step in to seize the opportunity.

– Ryan Robinson, Blogger and Content Marketing Consultant


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