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Marketing Tips #5: Nothing Develops Brand Loyalty Faster Than Education & Marketing Tips #6: Going Back to Real Human Interaction

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Marketing Tips #5: Nothing Develops Brand Loyalty Faster Than Education

One of the biggest challenges we expect to face in the coming year, and one that we will focus heavily on, is to create captivating yet concise and catchy social media content that will resonate with a wide target audience — including those who decide they want to undergo a digital detox session.

On one side of the spectrum, you have people who spend copious amounts of time glued to their phones scrolling various news feeds, yet paradoxically there is an emerging trend of people taking a digital detox and switching off social media altogether.

So, what I believe to be of importance in 2020 is to take into account both these trends when creating content for social media, be it organic or paid.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising’s on the rise, and the trend is likely to continue. Companies are spending lots of money on that, and platforms provide them with wider and more elaborate opportunities for placing paid ads.

If you’re not getting into the advertising space now, you’re losing big time, because later, it will be increasingly harder and more expensive to fight for the audience as budgets are shifting towards online from TV and offline ads.

Educational Content

Finally, educational content. There’s no doubt there is a hunger for content that provides people with something they can gain, be it technical skills, training, advice, or inspiration. They want to explore specific techniques that might help them with their product or business.

This was one of the main reasons we launched Global Marketing Day — the world’s first 24-hour live online marketing conference. This multifunctional platform enabled a wider variety of educative content to be shared over the duration of two days across four different major cities: Sydney, London, New York, and San Francisco.

By offering a gap in the market – a platform that provided non-stop marketing tips by leading experts, we were able to connect with a wider network.

This is exactly how you build brand loyalty in 2020 — by sharing relevant and useful content from professionals across the world, we tapped into the minds and hearts of people across the globe. Offering them something useful for free demonstrated our commitment to their skilful development.

– Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush

Marketing Tips #6: Going Back to Real Human Interaction

Talking to people one on one, face to face is my main goal for 2020. So many people have moved to tech and platforms that it’s opening up an opportunity for old-school, human-to-human interaction. People naturally want to have that human-to-human connection with others; the challenge for me is figuring out how to scale it.

In 2019, I learnt that I can’t do it alone, and I shouldn’t do it alone. If I collaborate with others, I can get 1000x the results, whatever they are. It doesn’t matter what the tactic is — if I involve other people in it, I get way more out of it.

No marketer can be successful without love, by which I mean passion, empathy, and goodwill. You can get everything else right, but if you don’t have love, nobody will care. And you can get everything else wrong, but if you’ve got love, nobody will care if you get it wrong.

– Josh Steimle, 7 Systems of Influence


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