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Marketing Tips #1: Messenger Marketing Poised to Explode & Marketing Tips #2: Don’t Neglect Your Main Growth Driver

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Marketing Tips #1: Messenger Marketing Poised to Explode

There are a lot of things we plan to focus on in 2020 relating to chatbots and Messenger marketing. For example, we expect WhatsApp to be available for business messaging. We also expect Google and Apple to serve messaging APIs to marketers.

You should always do your marketing using the same platforms that people engage with every day. That’s why we’re excited about the messaging channel for 2020.

Some marketing channels that bombed in 2019 are Facebook Ads, due to the rising costs. Organic reach on social media, since it’s become more competitive than ever before; even email marketing is significantly more competitive due to aggressive spam filters.

While still effective, we’re definitely seeing a lower return on investment with these channels.

Conversely, the things we are still excited about include video content, large scale online events, and chatbots and Messenger marketing.

The number one rule that every marketer should follow is to find and clone your marketing unicorns.

Every time a marketer publishes something, such as blog posts, webinars, conference talks, email blasts, infographics, etc., they’re auditioning an idea. Some ideas are catchy and generate a tremendous response, but most fall flat and fail to generate any significant traction.

The idea is to find your unicorn. Do a brutally honest review of your marketing initiatives over the last quarter or the last year, see which campaigns did significantly better than the rest, and focus efforts on replicating similar concepts across different channels.

– Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey

Marketing Tips #2: Don’t Neglect Your Main Growth Driver

We are continuing to get smarter with how we double down on existing channels that are working for us. SEO with content is still our biggest traffic driver, but due to a lot of Google’s changes, we are also focusing a bit more time on Adwords and other paid channels moving into the future.

But that doesn’t mean you should get distracted from your main “Growth Driver.”

When something works well, it’s easy for marketing teams to hire more people, try to do a bunch of different things, and test out new shiny channels. But by doing so, you have to pull away focus from what is already working. I’m not suggesting you don’t test new things, but always remember what your main growth engine is, and keep it running smoothly.

Use data to guide your actions, but use empathy to generate your ideas. You need to listen to your customers and empathize with them, but you also need to look at the numbers and be metric driven. It’s not one or the other; it’s both working in tandem.

– Nadya Khoja, Chief Growth Officer at Venngage Infographic Maker



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