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46 - 50 : 50 Ecommerce Tips for New Entrepreneurs

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Ecommerce Tips (#46): Visit your city’s business centre

One of the best ecommerce tips is to learn more about your city’s business laws. Each city, province or state, and country have it’s own regulations regarding how to run a business, how much you need to pay in taxes, and the laws around your specific business. It’s always best to speak directly with a representative from your city regarding these things as they would know the exact resources you should familiarize yourself with.

Some cities host classes and courses regarding best business practices. They won’t necessarily teach you strategies to run a successful business, but they’ll teach you how to run a business legally. You’ll learn the tax rates for your type of business and city. You might learn a few great resources for further reading. To find this type of information, your city website and community library often know about the city’s business courses and events. Always speak with your city representatives and/or lawyer before starting a business.

Ecommerce Tips (#47): Pick the right payment gateway

Each country has it’s own set of payment gateways you can choose from. You should aim to offer payment gateways such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay, Stripe or 2-Checkout. These tend to be the most popular. Don’t feel too discouraged if your country isn’t able to offer these types of payment gateways to customers. Choose the most popular one for your region to make checkout easy for your customers. Feel free to offer a selection of different payment gateways to your customers so that they can choose to pay in the way they’d prefer.

ecommerce tip - Offer Payment Gateways

Ecommerce Tips (#48): Improve your top navigation

Your top navigation is the menu where you list your categories such as ‘Home, Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories, Sale.’ The first and last items on your top navigation get the most click through. While most people put a home button in the first spot, adding a product category first would actually be more strategic. Customers love browsing sale items so having it in last place also works well. Whichever product collection or page you want to draw more attention to you should put in first and last position. How you name your top navigation matters. Some fashion brands prefer having ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ in their top navigation to make shopping easier for their diverse customers. You usually want to keep general categories in the header and having specific sub-categories. For example, you likely wouldn’t add ‘Dresses’ in your top navigation but might add ‘Women’ or ‘Fashion’ or ‘Clothing.’

ecommerce tip - improve your sites UX

Ecommerce Tips (#49): Join a Facebook group for support

One of the best ecommerce tips for new entrepreneurs is to join an ecommerce Facebook group. You’ll be able to network with other ecommerce entrepreneurs who you’ll be able to learn from. You can ask for feedback on your new store, advice on how to get your sale, share new tricks you’ve learned to help other entrepreneurs grow. Being a part of a community allows you to stay on top of trends, build relationships with other entrepreneurs, and become a better businessperson. You can join ecommerce groups like Shopify EntrepreneursEcommerce Entrepreneurs and there are many other great groups too.

ecommerce tip - Join a Facebook Group

Ecommerce Tips (#50): Just start… right now.

When it comes to ecommerce tips, this one’s the most important one: stop delaying the launch of your ecommerce business. Yes, you’ll make some mistakes. But you’ll also recover from them quickly. Many only dream of starting a business not realizing how easy it is to make it a reality. The success stories you read of people starting a business and making five, six, or seven figures are real. With dropshipping, it’s so easy to succeed. I launched an Oberlo store about two months ago and it’s already making 5 figures a month. I’m just an average person like you. Believe in yourself because you’ll succeed faster if you do. The longer you wait, the more competitive your niche gets. So stop reading this blog post and get back to work.

Oberlo App on Shopify


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