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What is Symfony?

Released in 2011, Symfony is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks that is built on various reusable and decoupled PHP components. It provides a user-friendly interface to developers so that they can develop applications in the most suitable way possible. Now let’s understand the reason why most of the large scale applications are developed in Symfony. 

  1. Faster development process- High performance and fast applications are the basic demands of the market today. This makes developers turn to a framework that can give them an abundant amount of components. Symfony offers a range of reusable components and it is faster than other PHP frameworks. Also, it consumes very less memory and follows real-world requirements to develop applications at a significant speed.

  1. Higher flexibility- The reason being Symfony's most popular PHP framework is that it is a feature-rich and user-friendly framework. It is empowered by MVC components. The framework enables you to have full power over the configurations and the features of the application. It provides you with full flexibility to integrate other functionalities and it also fits with most databases. So, you can efficiently create dynamic and complex web applications with great ease and flexibility.

  1. Easy testing- Programming demands the thorough testing of code to ensure the stability of its performance. A lack of definite dependencies, reusing of components and the ability to create designs guide to better testing and maintainability in Symfony. It proposes some great tools for behavioural, functional, and unit testing to save notable efforts and time of the developers.

  1. Proven dependability- While other frameworks have failed over time, Symfony has proven its dependability. The creator and supporter of Symfony, SensioLabs offers 3 years of full support for any issue as well as lifetime support for any security concerns you may face. The company aims to enhance stability among all its earlier versions, so you can build a stable and sustainable application in any framework. That’s the reason big companies, including National Geographic, Vogue, and TED trust Symfony with their websites.

  1. Extended Interoperability- While Symfony is the best framework in itself, yet it doesn’t lock you up within it. It enables you to build applications that exactly meet your specifications. Symfony follows PHP’s ‘de facto Standards’, including naming conventions and PHP Unit, which provides an opportunity to the developers to employ some components of its software building blocks without significantly using the entire framework.

As a leading Symfony development company in the USA, Canada and India,  we are committed to delivering excellent Symfony Php framework development services at cost-effective rates with 100% client satisfaction. Contact us to get to know more benefits.


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