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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an online advertising program, formerly known as Google Adsense, delivered by Google. The ads normally come in the form of text links (which are detected by a special page called the "hd"). They may appear in different sizes: they can be small and closely related to the background color of the page, or they can be larger, with a bright color and more distinct logos. Text links are clicked more than any other type of links (this is the reason why some web designers consider them not so nice to look at, while others consider them necessary for the success of a website). There are many types of Google AdSense programs. Google AdSense Content Network, Google AdSense JV, Google AdSense for Content and Google AdSense Training.


Let us first discuss the basics of how Google AdSense works. When an entrepreneur clicks the Google ads, he pays a small fee (in clicks) for each one, regardless of how many are displayed on his own webpage. The amounts vary from person to person: they may pay only a few cents, or they may pay thousands of dollars - the choice is the entrepreneur.


Google AdSense uses a special format called the "Banner" format. This format contains a large number of regular rectangular box ads, which will be shown randomly on the pages of websites. If the click rate of a particular web page is high, a high volume of these ads will be displayed next to the visitor, on a high number of sites, thus, generating high revenues for that particular web page. The idea is very simple: whenever a user clicks an ad, he/she has to click the "x" link that appears next to the ad to be taken to the advertiser's site. Then the advertiser will pay the webmaster a predetermined amount, called the "AdSense", in exchange for the targeted visitors.


In order to increase the revenues generated by their ads, webmasters can add their websites to the Google AdSense program and allow Google AdSense to display their ads on their websites. This way, the websites are not only being added to Google's own database of websites that have AdSense ads running, but they are also being exposed to a massive number of other advertisers who are willing to place their advertisements on their websites. The best results are generally obtained with websites targeting the same keywords and using the same AdSense format, since it increases the chances of being clicked on. As long as the website contains relevant information, the number of incoming clicks should rise. However, this does not mean that adding all your websites to AdSense will guarantee you the best results - the number of visitors reaching the website and the amount of revenue earned from them will both affect the results.


Google AdSense offers publishers a very simple way to create dynamic banners that will be shown on their sites. These banners have the appearance of normal HTML code, so you don't need to worry about learning HTML in order to install them or employ someone to make them for you. All you need to do is place the Google AdSense code on your site where you would like the ad to appear. Once the code is added, the visitor will notice a small drop down box containing options such as the size and color of the ads, as well as their location. Clicking on the "ok" button will start the ad appearing on the page, and the code will run when the visitor loads the site.


Google AdSense allows publishers to benefit from increased traffic to their website by placing their ads on their pages. Web publishers have always searched for ways to generate online content on a budget that guarantees profits without spending too much time or money creating the online content. Through Google AdSense, publishers are able to make money from their existing websites without having to spend additional capital in developing the site. With Google AdSense, publishers can benefit from increasing the revenues from their websites while adding new levels of online content. AdSense advertising has been a successful program with Google and has helped publishers make more money off their sites.

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