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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

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PPC Advertising has been the most commonly used advertising model on the internet. Pay per click is an online advertising model where an advertiser only pays a publisher whenever the ad is clicked on. PPC can be used with any niche market and each niche has its own requirements for PPC campaigns. A new advertiser may have trouble choosing a niche market because it is so vast. However, with a little research any marketable market can be chosen.


PPC Advertising campaigns will typically contain one or more pay per click ads, typically displayed on the right hand side of search engine pages. These ads will usually contain keywords that are relevant to the content of the page where they are displayed. The keywords that are included in the ads may also dictate the types of ads that display. For example, ads that display as text within a larger image may require a different set of keywords than ads that display as small caption boxes.


The first step to launching a successful PPC advertising campaign is selecting the appropriate ad group. Pay per click campaign will typically have several ad groups. One of these groups will be based upon the selected keywords used in the campaign. Other factors may be determined by the budget of the campaign. The best way to determine which ad group to use is to perform research that examines the keywords being used in similar campaigns and the results that have yielded for those keywords. This will allow a campaign manager to quickly determine which ad group select.


After selecting the appropriate ad groups, the next step is to test the campaign. Typically, this will be done by creating a simple web search and gathering data related to the number of clicks that each of the ad groups generated. The more data the search engines receive, the easier it will be to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.


Once the testing period is over, the advertiser can implement changes that will increase the chances that the PPC advertising initiative will generate a high return on investment. Advertisements that do not generate a high return on investment are typically eliminated from the pay per click list. In addition, if the PPC campaign does not generate a high return on investment in the first six months, it may be time to create a new campaign. During the testing period, the advertiser can choose to keep only part of the keyword list or to add other keywords to the list. In many cases, the change is minor and the advertiser can add the new keywords at any time without any significant loss of ad performance.


PPC advertising is a great way to market online. The challenge is choosing the right keywords and creating ads that effectively capture those keywords. A great example of an online advertising campaign that incorporated PPC keywords and an ad group that included pay per click keywords was the launching of a series of ads on the sponsored listing service Craigslist. When those ads were clicked on, advertisers saved on advertising costs as well as generating significant site traffic.

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