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  1. Marketing principles are not set in stone. What works well today might not tomorrow, or even the next week. Marketers are always on the look out for new information, tips, ideas and insights to help them grow their businesses. In this article I present seven marketing principles that have stood the test of time and done the best job of improving sales. Apply these principles to your business and watch the results increase consistently. The seven Ps of marketing are product, price, placement, marketing, audience, and customer service. As markets, consumers, services and requirements
  2. Marketing and economics go hand in hand. The subject matter of marketing is extremely important to business owners and managers because it affects every aspect of running a business. Marketing is a dynamic discipline that encompasses many different disciplines, including research, evaluation, analysis, and the design and production of products and services. Marketing is an essential tool for creating new business and bringing new customers into a business's fold. In this article, we will examine marketing as a key component in building a strong company. Marketing economics is the s
  3. Marketing and finance have long been considered twin pillars of success on college campuses. Whether you lean toward the creative, artistic side of marketing or toward the scientific, analytical side of finance, hopefully this article will help you better define which degree is best for you. Marketing is a general category that covers a variety of marketing techniques and processes, including branding, research and development, advertising, direct mail, public relations, and web sites. Finance, meanwhile, is a broader field that focuses on financial matters such as accounting, banking, investi
  4. Marketing is a process that involves communicating with potential customers in order to generate sales. A marketing strategy can be very complex and many factors go into determining how it is implemented. Marketing is an important tool for businesses to use to attract new customers and increase profits. The 5 P's of marketing are: The 5 P's of marketing, also called the marketing framework, are factors that marketers use to position a company effectively. By understanding the overall impact on business, marketers can evaluate marketing strategies and make adjustments where ne
  5. Marketing refers to various activities that a business undertakes in order to advertise the sale or purchasing of a particular product, service, or item. In recent years, The New York Times has described it as "the only discipline of business that encourages organizations to substitute old tactics for new ones". Marketing is the practice of bringing together the customers and the producers of a product so that they can meet with their customers and make a profit. The term "marketing" is sometimes used synonymously with "Selling", "Advertising", "Publishing" and "iences". As p
  6. Online marketing is essentially the process of leveraging various web-based platforms to disseminate a message regarding a business or goods, brand, or service to its possible customers. The different methods and means used for online marketing comprise email, internet advertising, display advertising, pay-per-click, search engine optimization and many more. Each marketing technique is designed to achieve a specific goal. For example, email marketing attempts to inform current and potential customers about the existence of an organization's website and what it provides. It is usually used to p
  7. Email marketing is the quintessential digital marketing channel with an annual return of nearly $37 for each dollar spent. Small business marketing consultants can be your go-to-marketing solution or you can spend money to advertise your business in more conventional venues. Even though traditional media and advertising sources cost much more, the real value is more long term, cost-effective results. Email marketing isn't just about building your email list or making it look good. Email marketing is actually the perfect outlet for small business marketing solutions. Social me
  8. Business marketing is basically a marketing technique of companies or individuals. It enables them to sell their products/services to other businesses or other organizations who sell them, use them as a part of their products/services or utilize them on their own products/services or use them as a resource for their works. It's a powerful means to promote business, boost profit and significantly increase sales. There are many business-oriented marketing techniques used by businessmen. It can be using advertising media (books, periodicals, newspapers, magazines, billboards), w
  9. Social media marketing is now one of the most effective (real time) internet marketing mediums available. It is quick, it is easy, it is effective - these are the main advantages of SMM. The downsides of SMM? Mostly, when it is used in combination with other marketing strategies. Though SMM is relatively new in terms of brand building, it is not new for long. The marketing process should always aim at providing the best customer experience so that they will buy your product or service again. It is the core value of marketing. In today's world, customers have a wide choice of which
  10. Social networking is a great tool used by many companies to connect with their clients and increase sales. The site has become very popular over the past years and it continues to grow in usage each year. What makes this type of marketing so effective? There are many advantages to using social networking sites. Here are some of them. One of the biggest advantages of marketing with social networks is that they are very "human." Human interaction is what lead to successful marketing efforts. When you create content for your brand, people will tell their friends about it. If you
  11. Electronic Commerce or eCommerce is nothing but the interchange of information and transactions of physical goods via the Internet, primarily over a secured network such as the World Wide Web. E-commerce is the act of physically selling or buying goods over the Internet or on web-based services. This has revolutionized the way business and commerce were conducted even before the advent of the worldwide web. It is also the fastest growing sector in the global economy and is predicted to touch heights of global importance in the future. The concept of ecommerce can be understood simp
  12. Want to increase your eCommerce business sales this holiday season? Well, success does not just happen by chance. If you are serious about increasing your sales, your online business needs a clear plan and direction. Below are 5 useful eCommerce marketing techniques that will help your business. Experiment with Coupons. Offer free coupons on your website that could offer customers additional rebates, discounts or other special promotions. You could offer free shipping when purchases are made at certain prices. On the other hand, if you want to build a longer-term relationship with
  13. ECommerce has made life easier for people who do online business. The world is getting smaller by the day. No need to physically go from one shop to another to buy things. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to make that business deal. It is no wonder then that people are putting up their own eCommerce websites. If you do online business, chances are that there are a lot of other ecommerce website financed out there ready to offer you financing services. However, it depends on your individual business situation. In fact, if you already have another ecommerce w
  14. ECommerce is an ocean of information and finding advice can be next to impossible for most newbie internet marketers. However, this doesn't mean that eCommerce is beyond your reach - it just means that you need to start somewhere. Your starting point is your topic or theme. If you're a salesperson or business owner looking to make a living on the net, it's essential that you select topics that appeal to you. The advice here should hopefully help you choose the right eCommerce topic for you. In order to be successful at eCommerce, your site needs to have a strong presence. This mean
  15. Building an eCommerce site has never been simpler in today's day and age. All you really need is some kind of ecommerce site builder and domain name. Even if you have no coding and design skills whatsoever, you could have one up and operating within hours. The key to a successful eCommerce site is the ability to build a store that not only appeals to customers, but is also simple for the customer to use. Here are some tips to help you build your first eCommerce site. Most of the ecommerce website builders come with free ecommerce templates that you can use to create your website. H
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