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  1. Type of Custody Arrangement You have to first recognize the options for the different types of possible custody arrangements, as this is one of the first steps in establishing who will get custody of the children. Both parents may wish to develop an agreement whether one or both of them make decisions on the children's upbringing and welfare. This is known as sole custody for just one parent or joint legal custody for both parents. The Decision Maker If both sides decide to reach an out-of-court understanding of child custody, it's advisable to go through (A
  2. Getting a divorce can be a stressful & complicated process for anyone. The situation can become all the more confusing, however, when other factors come into play. When an American citizen or permanent resident is married to an illegal alien, getting a divorce can be a very stressful prospect for both partners. However, with the help of a divorce attorney, even the most complicated divorce situations can be carefully worked through to be in the best interests of both spouses. From a logistical standpoint, the good news is that the process of filing for divorce is no different f
  3. The laws for divorce vary from state to state, as the federal law does not dictate rules for filing for divorce, the process, or even the right to get a divorce. So it is important to understand that your friend or family member from another state may have proceeded with their divorce in a certain manner that may not be an option in your state. As far as beating your spouse to the punch and filing for divorce before he or she does, there is really no legal advantage to it, although some consider surprising their spouse with the papers an advantage. If your spouse knows it's coming
  4. Unmarried parents are sometimes overlooked when people discuss child custody situations. However, unmarried parents have to deal with the same child custody issues that divorced parents deal with, maybe sometimes more. Here are some suggestions about how an unmarried mother or father can deal with their custody issues. An issue for an unmarried parent may be a child that was born from a couple that was never really together. An unmarried parent may be alone and have to make all of the decisions regarding raising their child. However, unmarried parents should take heart and get help
  5. A restraining order can be obtained as a method to prevent future domestic violence incidents, whether a victim of abuse is seeking protection from harassment or physical harm. An individual can enforce this order, even after just one instance of abuse. In a domestic violence incident, filing a report is crucial. It may take time to obtain a restraining order, and as such, it is vital to begin the process as soon as possible. While speaking to an officer about the crime, it is essential to let them know every detail, as it will help the case in the future. Any injuries should be we
  6. As a parent, you seek the best for your kids. You're probably fighting with everything you have to be in full custody of your kids if you're going through a family dispute with the other parent to determine who's going to be awarded child custody. When awaiting a trial to decide whether you or the other parent of your children should be given custody, it can be extremely helpful to seek the help of a child custody attorney. This kind of lawyer specializes in these kinds of cases and has the skills and expertise to help you through the process. The significant advantage of having a
  7. Child custody is a delicate matter once parents are divorced. Legal decisions on this issue would significantly influence the child since most children usually prefer joint child custody as they love both parents so much, they want to have the same amount of time. This isn't always the case, though, since there are also cases in which sole custody of one parent is appropriate for a number of reasons, where children's welfare and well-being may be at risk. In this case, full custody to one parent may be given by the court based on several factors, such as the financial incapability
  8. Having a board-certified specialist on your side during a family law dispute can make the difference between having full custody of your children or losing them. It can also make the difference in where you will now live or other serious issues that go on within California family law. You want the best possible Family Law Attorney; you can afford to take care of you during a time like this. Having a professional Family Law Attorney in Orange County who is certified by the board means you should feel confident going into your court situation, no matter how messed up it is. Californi
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