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  1. Craigslist is one of the best calssified sites in the world. List of craigslist alternatives in Thailand : http://thosetechniques.com/bangkok-craigslist-5-best-alternatives/ These alternatives will help you to get lots of other options if you are travelling to Thailand
  2. Article Submission sites are imporant aspect of link building and SEO. It helps you to increasse relevancy and referring domains. Referring domains are one of the top three ranking factors in seo. Here is the complied list of best Article Submission Sites List of Article Submission Websites with Instant Approval
  3. Here is the list of Free Classified US Site List: http://thosetechniques.com/300-plus-us-classified-websites-free-and-updated/ Classified sites help you submit your website/business to their listing. It also help your drive traffic and if your content is good, you would enough shares from industry experts and influencers.
  4. When you are starting a blog and new to this industry you must first learn seo. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The biggest advnatge is you could get free traffic from search engines for your blogs and websites. SEO Basics: https://www.academia.edu/44791256/SEO_Search_Engine_Optimization_Basics Try learning the basics and then execute white hat methods.
  5. Three Best ways to use directory submission sites 1) Use it to increase your Domain Rating /Domain Authority 2) Use directory submission sites to diversify your back link profile 3) Increase the referring domain factor to outrank your competitors.
  6. Let us discuss the use of profile creation sites in SEO. Advantages: 1) Profile creation sites , helps us to increase Domain Authority 2) Branding 3) Free and Targeted Traffic 4) leading procession 5) Communications. Before start using profile creation sites, install moz toolbar to check the spam score. This will help us to create profiles on important websites
  7. It happened in march. Planned to do something different and thought of creating a new twitter account for affiliates. Corona was at peak and started an account names corona data . Here is it he big step.. I started following big news channels twitter handle They already had millions of followers. Started commenting and in a different way. soon i got good impressions to my tweets and gained more followers. So i planned to monetize. And placed links in tricky way and earned $7k in just 2 months. All i did was tweeted 50 to 100 times a day. Now started accounts on be
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