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  1. All divorces are not created equal, and a high net worth divorce is more complicated than traditional divorce because of the amount of wealth involved. Dividing assets and determining community assets becomes more common in these cases. These divorces involving wealthy individuals actually vary in four distinct ways. Understanding these will help those entering divorce know what to expect out of the process. High Net Divorce Costs More Because of the complexity involved, and the absolute need for an attorney to help, these divorces cost more. It takes more time and may require court i
  2. Companies the produce or make products available to the public that have design flaws or defective parts are responsible for any injuries that may results. This includes E-bikes that are growing in popularity around big cities in the United States, including Las Vegas that have caused numerous accidents and crashes. What is an E-Bike and Why Have They Become Dangerous? An E-bike is a bicycle that is equipped with a battery and motor. Typically, these bikes can travel between 16 to 28 miles per hour. They are popular in big cities because they are an easy way to get around traffic cong
  3. After a divorce, changes in the lifestyle of either party can require changes in the divorce agreements, and this is often done through post-decree adjustments. If the particular condition of the divorce is considered immune to modifications, a post-decree adjustment is the only way to effectively make a change. Often these changes are related to child custody and support. Here is a closer look at when a post-decree adjustment may be appropriate and how to go about requesting one. When Is a Post-Decree Adjustment Necessary? A post-decree adjustment may be necessary in the event of job
  4. Can’t Meet the IRS Filing Deadline? Taxpayers who cannot meet the IRS filing deadline for their federal tax return can file for an extension that will push the date to October 15, 2020. This does not mean that the time to pay taxes is extended, too. When it is expected that taxes will be owed, the taxpayer must pay the estimated amount due and file Form 4868. If both these things are done, the IRS will grant an automatic extension. Why Taxpayers Should File for an Extension The benefit of filing for an extension is that the due date will be extended, and the filer is protected fro
  5. Each year, tens of thousands of people throughout the U.S. suffer injuries on carnival and amusement park rides; many as a result of falling. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that amusement attractions, including fixed and mobile rides, inflatables, waterslides, and shopping mall and restaurant rides caused 42,329 injuries in 2018. Carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks are a popular entertainment source for people in Nevada. However, the fun may come to a frightening and often life-changing end when victims fall from rides. Causes of Amusement Ride Falls Falls and
  6. Workplace safety violations contribute to thousands of yearly on-the-job accidents that result in injuries and fatalities for workers. Workplace Safety Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases a list of the 10 top workplace safety violations that put workers at risk for injuries and occupational illnesses. The top 10 safety violations include: 1. Construction Fall Protection Construction workers must be protected from potentially fatal falls from heights of six feet or more. Employers must ensure that workers have adequate fall protection w
  7. A typical construction project ― whether commercial or residential ― requires the collaborative efforts of multiple parties. General contractors, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, materialmen, delivery truck drivers, property owners and other parties in any combination can be on the job site on any one particular day. When an individual is injured in a construction accident arising from a third party's negligence, that individual is entitled to seek damages. Steinberg Goodman & Kalish has in-depth knowledge of construction law and knows how to hold parties responsible when they fail
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