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  2. Let’s set the scene. You have been working hard to establish your business. More money is coming in and your client list is growing. You love what you do… but you are *tired*. And well-overdue for a holiday. You start daydreaming about soaking up the sun in Queensland, sailing through the Greek Islands, or skiing in New Zealand. You start trawling through travel booking sites. But just as your cursor hovers over the ‘Book Now’ button, it hits you. You cannot possibly leave the business right now. What if an urgent problem comes up when you are mid-way through an intern
  3. The feedback penalty for women What’s vague and bias? Feedback for women Feedback is the backbone of many management tools including having a crucial role in performance management. Many organisations also see it as the tool for improving your performance and preparing you for promotion. But how well does feedback serve women in particular? Does feedback work for anyone? Feedback can be problematic whatever our gender. The most comprehensive review of performance feedback was carried out by Denisi and Kluger and dates back to 1996. They found mixed evidence on its value and sa
  4. How Truthful Are Your Numbers? Why Marketing Analytics Sometimes Lie It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s advice on why marketing is important, how to do it and who you should be marketing to. Today, I’m not going to talk about those things. I’m going to offer some advice that you’re probably not going like. Are you ready for it? I think you’re using your marketing analytics all wrong. How is that possible? There is no error in analytics. Numbers don’t lie, it is what it is. Well, except for when it isn’t. Yes, you have all the analytical tools you need at y
  5. Do you spend a lot of time staring at a digital screen? If you like millions of others have been spending long continuous hours in front of digital screens; you might be suffering from digital eye strain. The blue light and the glare emitted by the digital screens are the main culprits responsible for digital eye strain. The most common symptoms of digital eye strain are tired and irritated eyes, headache, increased sensitivity to light and pain in your neck and shoulders. These 9 simple yet effective tips can help you fight digital eye strain: Blink More – Almost all of us are
  6. A community is EVERYTHING to the success of your business. Community has been the most pivotal aspect of my own business success and you can see it in action every day with giant brands such as Apple. Apple fans arguably pay over the odds for Apple products, simply because they’re Apple products. Often the actual product matters less than the fact it’s from Apple. They have developed such a strong community, a community who will buy anything they sell. The most successful communities are based on shared values. They are not just a group of people who are in the same place at same time. It
  7. Even though nowadays we have all these connective technologies, business travels are still a very popular activity in many companies. When you’re new and young, you find the idea of spending some time in a new and interesting destination amazing. But after you spend some time in airports and various hotel rooms that all look alike, you start missing the comforts of home. As a businesswoman, I’ve met some of my biggest challenges while being on a business trip. What to wear, how to pack, what to do, how to find my way around an unknown city, how to stay safe if I’m alone, these are all things t

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