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  2. Women in Business can often face tremendous barriers. Yet, in business, the rewards can be tremendous as well. Women entrepreneurs have a number of options available to them, and their success can result in a wide range of benefits for society at large. Entrepreneurs have an important role to play in building the economy. A number of factors have consigned women-owned businesses to the second tier of our society's economy. However, when placed in proper context, that six.4 percent is just 6.4 percent of the nation's largest businesses. And while the overall percentage is worse, the
  3. Women in Business have an opportunity that most men in business do not: they have the option to make their own decisions and run their own businesses. Unlike men, who are trained to rely on the advice of business associates and corporate leaders, women entrepreneurs seek out their own mentors and business leadership as they develop their ideas and pursue their own ventures. Compared to the male average business owner, women who begin their own company to do so for multiple reasons. While more than half (55 percent) of all business owners are motivated simply to be their own bosses, only 31 per
  4. Are there any major advantages for women in business? In my opinion there are many but I will only discuss three of them here. Firstly, women have a more nurturing personality than men do. Women naturally crave support and they look for it from others. Recently hosted a web seminar with a wide panel of successful business women from all different levels in their careers to share these issues at length. To hear their candid stories and learn from their experiences about overcoming gender stereotypes and championing women's rights in the office, you can easily watch the webinar on be
  5. It may come as a surprise to learn that there are more than three-fourths of the Fortune 500 companies are owned by women. The number is closer to one-half for small and medium sized companies, according to data compiled by the Business Owners Association of America. Women own more businesses than men, which is one of the reasons why female entrepreneurs are beginning to enter the business world at a younger age. This group represents a growing segment of the overall population, with women earning more than men do in many areas. Women are making some hefty investments as they
  6. Women in business are under a different set of rules than their male counterparts. It may seem odd to some but gender discrimination is alive and well in the business world, even for women running their own businesses. This is not just an unfortunate fact of life, it's an unfortunate reality that must be changing if women want to succeed. If women want to thrive, then they need to embrace and respect this set of rules - or watch them suffer. It was unthinkable just ten short years ago, that a woman could be a co-founder or an executive officer of her own company. Just a decade or s
  7. Women in Business must realize that the glass ceiling will always remain and they cannot expect to achieve any type of equality with men. There will always be an unequal power structure. Women must develop their skills to be successful. The most important key to success is strong leadership qualities such as being good at delegating tasks, ensuring productivity, motivating others to perform their best, and maintaining high standards. Business women must have strong decision making skills and be able to manage multiple tasks. Successful business women will be successful becaus
  8. Women in Business are passionate about their career, but not always financially. Unlike men, who are more likely to be first employed and then have more money, women tend to start businesses for many different reasons. On average, women who open their own firm earn over fifty percent more than men who work in the same field. Compared to the typical business owner, who is motivated primarily to work his or her job, women who open their own firm are motivated by many different factors. While over half of typical business owners (55 percent) are motivated to start their firm to become their own b
  9. Women in Business - that's a powerful title. It's an accurate portrayal of what this special category of woman and business owner represents. But you might be asking, "What is women in business?" The answer may surprise you. It's diversity, determination, persistence, innovation, and perseverance - and most important, an attitude of never giving up. In fact, there have been more women earning high-paying positions than in the entire history of the Fortune 500. But when placed in the proper context, that's still only 6.4%. And women are much more likely to stay in their jobs.

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