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Suffering a stillbirth is a very difficult and tragic experience no matter the circumstances, but knowing that the situation was avoidable makes it emotionally and physically devastating. Making a claim for medical negligence stillbirth compensation is a harrowing process, and this can make the heartbreaking experience all the more difficult. Still, compensation for stillbirth negligence can bring peace and closure to parents who have lost their baby as a result of the actions or inactions of a medical professional.

If you have suffered the devastating repercussions of stillbirth and you believe this was due to medical negligence, talk to Medical Negligence Direct today. While medical negligence stillbirth compensation will not restore the life of your baby, it can ensure you do not suffer financially and help you move on with your life. We work with a panel of specialist solicitors who will offer you a free, no obligation initial consultation to determine whether you have grounds for a claim and how they can support you.


What Damages Can You Claim?

Compensation awards have been approved for pain, suffering and psychological damage for stillbirth due to negligence. Stillbirth negligence claims can also be made for financial losses such as the cost of therapy or counselling, funeral costs, loss of earnings and expenses already made for the stillborn baby. Future estimated expenses can also be claim; compensation awards have been approved for the future care, occupational therapy and future earnings.

When calculating compensation amounts for medical negligence stillbirth cases, the courts will consider the parent’s ability to move on with life, work, and the impact of the injury on the parent’s relationships with loved ones.


Who Can Make Claims for Medical Negligence Stillbirth Compensation?

A Mother

A mother and her unborn baby are considered one person under law. Therefore, a stillbirth negligence claim is a personal injury claim by a mother as they are “primary victims”.

A Father

Legally, a father has no right to pursue compensation claims for injuries suffered by the mother. However, as a “secondary victim”, they may be able to make a claim for the psychological damage suffered as a result of stillbirth negligence.

Some clients are reluctant when it comes to pursuing medical negligence claims due to the prospect of going to the court. While it is possible that your claim goes to trial, the vast majority of claims are settled before they go to court; you can trust our solicitors to try to achieve this for you. But if the defendant refuses to accept liability or we do not agree on what we consider a fair compensation amount, you can count on us to support you all the way to trial.

Contact Medical Negligence Direct today on 0800 644 4240. Our medical negligence solicitors will help determine if you have grounds for a claim and advice you on what steps to take.

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