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A Guide to Stillbirth Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Suffering a stillbirth is a very difficult and tragic experience no matter the circumstances, but knowing that the situation was avoidable makes it emotionally and physically devastating. Making a claim for medical negligence stillbirth compensation is a harrowing process, and this can make the heartbreaking experience all the more difficult. Still, compensation for stillbirth negligence can bring peace and closure to parents who have lost their baby as a result of the actions or inactions of a

How Much Compensation for NHS Negligence?

The NHS is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Its staff and medical professionals usually maintain a very high standard of care when dealing with patients. However, there are times when this standard falls below what is acceptable and is considered negligence. If you have been a victim of NHS negligence and suffered harm as a result, you may be entitled to a claim for NHS compensation. WHAT IS NHS NEGLIGENCE? NHS negligence is a term that describes when a patient has sust

Suing a Hospital for Medical Negligence

When you go to a hospital, you expect to receive quality healthcare that makes you feel better as soon as possible. In the vast majority of cases, this is the reality and patients in the UK usually receive a high level of care from expertly qualified medical professionals with the right skills and experience. Sadly, however, this is not always the case. There are times when an act of incompetence or medical negligence on the part of a health professional at a hospital can cause further injury or

How Long Does a Medical Negligence Case Take?

Medical Negligence cases are usually very complex. It is a combination of two multidimensional subjects — law and medicine; as a result, they can take a long time to settle. In general, the claims process can last anywhere between 18 months and six years. However, your medical negligence lawyer will give you an idea of how long your case may take to resolve, depending on its unique nature. The medical negligence claim process inv

NHS Complaints Procedure Compensation Guide

The NHS has a comprehensive complaints procedure which allows patients who believe they have received poor medical care to formally express their concerns. Making a Complaint at the NHS If you are unhappy about the standard of care you received at the NHS, you have the right to make a NHS Claim. The first step should be to make an informal complaint by speaking directly to the medical professional or management responsible for the care or treatment your received. You can lodge a formal

How to Sue the NHS for Delay in Treatment?

When it comes to diagnosis and treatment of a medical condition, time is an invaluable asset. If promptly identified, with advancements made in medicine, patients now stand a better chance of making a full recovery or living a pain-free life. Without doubt, the earlier an illness or injury is diagnosed, the sooner medical professionals can begin treatment. If treatment is delayed for any reason, the patient could suffer long-term complications and may be able to sue the NHS. Generally speak

Making a Meningitis Misdiagnosis Claim

Meningitis can be a very serious and devastating illness, even when it is promptly and accurately diagnosed. As experienced meningitis misdiagnosis claims solicitors, we understand the impact meningitis misdiagnosis can have on you, as the patient, and your family. What is Meningitis? Meningitis is an infection that affects the protective membranes of the brain and spinal cord. The swelling resulting from meningitis can trigger symptoms like severe headache, muscle pain, stomach cramps

How Fintech Application Development is Changing the Financial Services

Riding on the wave of Fintech Application Development, Financial services industry is going through an innovative and evolutionary phase. Fintech applications have transformed the consumer experience. Right from ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) and swipe machines to online and mobile banking, mobile wallets, automated bill payments applications; Fintech applications have enhanced the banking and payments experience of consumers. Along with the increased convenience and comfort of carrying out fin

IoT App Development: Major IoT Security Challenges for developers

Internet of Things or IoT is currently a hot topic now. Why? The answer is quite a fact revealing. According to some experts, the market of the IoT-connected devices will reach to $1.11 trillion of worth by 2026. Thus, there is a continuous rise in IoT app development that has also come with its fair share of security challenges. Yes, the security of IoT devices is a cause of concern among the IoT developers that can pose a serious issue in the coming years. Previously, only a few companies

Emorphis Technologies

Emorphis Technologies in Iot

Fintech App Development- Future of FinTech in a Post-COVID-19 World

The Financial industry has seen high prosperous growth in recent times due to the rise in innovation and expansion of technology in almost every aspect of the business ecosystem. One important part of it is the FinTech segment. Starting with banks, it has given shape to various other financial areas such as insurance, investments, and financial planning. However, the world has changed after the unfortunate expansion of deadly and infectious coronavirus across the globe. All business worlds

Claiming for Dental Negligence | Suing A Dentist

Root canal treatment, implants and tooth extractions — mistakes can happen during dental treatments that can lead to dental negligence claims. Dentists owe their patients a duty of care; so, if you have suffered pain or injury as a result of failure to provide this care, the effects can be traumatic and you may be entitled to make a dental negligence claim. When Does Dental Care Become a Medical Negligence Claim? If your dentist makes an error during the diagnosis or treatment of your

Best Misdiagnosis Claims Solicitors in Liverpool

When we are ill, we put faith in the knowledge and experience of our medical practitioners and trust that they will give us the best possible care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and many patients have had their trust misplaced due to medical misdiagnosis. With conditions such as cancer, heart attacks or meningitis, correct diagnosis and treatment is crucial to giving the patient a chance. Sadly, these are some of the commonly misdiagnosed conditions, as their symptoms can somet

How Much Compensation for Misdiagnosis of Cancer?

Cancer diagnosis can have devastating effects for you and your family. But this can be made worse when it is misdiagnosed by your healthcare provider, especially as cancer is a time-bound ailment. The longer cancer diagnosis and treatment is delayed, the more threatening it becomes and the more likely it is to spread to the body’s other organs. If you have been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis, you can make a claim for compensation. What is Cancer Misdiagnosis? If a patient has cancer a

NHS Compensation Payouts Guide

When we visit the hospital, we expect to receive the best possible medical care and get better. While the medical professionals at the NHS usually deliver on this expectation, there are times where things go wrong. On occasion, the level of care falls below the standard that it is considered medical negligence. If you have been a victim of negligent treatment at the NHS, and have suffered harm as a result, you may be entitled to a medical negligence compensation claim. When a medical staff

How to Start a Medical Negligence Claim?

Negligent medical care can be a painful and traumatic experience, and can have a serious impact on the health of wellbeing of its victim. If you have suffered harm after receiving poor medical care, you may be entitled to a medical negligence claim. Medical negligence claims can seem complex and overwhelming, but with the right legal support, you can enhance your chance of receiving a fair outcome. This article discusses the medical negligence claims process and how you can begin your quest

Best Medical Negligence Solicitors Liverpool | Medical Negligence Claims

If you or your loved one have received medical treatment that has gone wrong and you are based in Liverpool, our friendly solicitors at Medical Negligence Direct can offer you expert legal advice and support. Medical Negligence Claims are one of the most complex areas of law. This is why the panel of solicitors we work with comprises specialists who can offer expert advice across a range of medical negligence cases, to helping claimants secure the compensation they deserve. Choosing the rig

NHS Negligence Claims - Everything you Need to Know

The NHS is a leading healthcare system, and one many countries seek to emulate. Considering the millions of persons who undertake treatment at the NHS every year, it is impressive to know that the vast majority of patients receive high quality care. Unfortunately, Medical Error happen and, when they do, it is important for you to know about the NHS Medical Negligence Claims process. WHAT IS NHS NEGLIGENCE? This refers to a type of medical negligence in which a patient receives substand

Know about Cauda Equina Syndrome Negligence - Medical Negligence Direct

Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a serious ailment that must be diagnosed promptly and treated correctly. If your doctor has failed to promptly and correctly diagnose or treat your condition, then you may be entitled to a claim for medical negligence.   Patients with this syndrome often complain of severe back pain; the patient’s doctor has a duty of care to check and ensure they do not miss the early warning signs of cauda equina syndrome. In addition to back pain, signs and sym

The Ultimate Guide To Medical Negligence Claims - Medical Negligence Solicitors

The UK healthcare system is one of the finest and most respected in the world. However, mistakes can occur in almost any medical setting, including clinics and hospitals and, when things go wrong with healthcare, it can have very devastating and far reaching effects. It can severely affect the physical, financial and emotional state of the victim. The good news is that you can make a claim for negligence if a healthcare professional has breached their care of duty by providing substandard c

Medical Negligence Solicitors in Liverpool | Medical Negligence Claims

If you or your loved one have suffered an injury as a result of substandard care at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital or any other hospital, Medical Negligence Direct is here for you. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors in Liverpool can help you make claims for compensation and find out what went wrong. We understand how the negligence of a professional can have a dramatic, life-changing effect on you and your family, and will help you get the answers and justice you deserve.

Sue a Hospital for Medical Negligence Claims | Medical Negligence Solicitors

When you are admitted to a hospital, you expect a high standard of care that will ensure you are set on the path to recovery. While this is often the case, things go wrong on some occasions. Through an act of omission or incompetence, a healthcare provider may cause you injury or worsen your existing medical condition. If you have suffered medical negligence while receiving treatment at a hospital, you may be able to sue for medical malpractice. How Do I Sue a Hospital for Medical Negligenc

Choosing Right Medical Negligence Solicitors for your Case

Choosing the right medical negligence solicitor at the start of your case is the single most important thing you can do to enhance your chances of a successful claim. This short article has been prepared to help those who have suffered illness or injury at the hands of a negligent healthcare provider to make an informed decision when choosing a medical negligence solicitor.   What Should I Consider When Choosing a Sol

NHS Medical Negligence Claims - Sue the NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) — one of the oldest and biggest medical care institutions — plays a key role in the health care of millions of patients every year. Medical care here is usually standard and most patients are discharged without any issues. However, the increasing patient population puts more than usual pressure on the NHS, and the quality of healthcare may fall below required standards. You may be able to make NHS negligence claims if you have received substandard care by a
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