Tips to Prevent Yourself from Corona Infection

Covid 19 was declared a world pandemic in the year 2019 after it was first reported in China. Its respiratory detrimental impact took many lives especially the old aged ones. As people resorted to the use of herbs like ones on kratom strains chart to prevent themselves from the virus, the rate of infection couldn’t […]

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3 Actions That Make CEOs Better Leaders

CEOs have a reputation for being decision-makers, yet ultimately, CEOs are leaders. Even so, decisions and leadership are intertwined. Being a strong leader requires making decisions that create transformation within an organization. Whether it’s transforming company culture, improving policies, or strengthening client relationships, CEOs are the leaders that put everything into motion.

Successful CEO leading a meeting

If you’re a CEO who wants to make an impact on your company, here’s a list of 3 actions that will make you a stronger leader.

1. Hire dedicated IT support

To understand the impact of your decisions, put yourself in the shoes of your employees.

Imagine you’re an employee trying to make a copy of an important document that must be mailed to a client that day.…

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