Starting My Home Based Business

A few years ago I started working from home as a freelance writer and entrepreneur while attending college full time. I started this home based business when the cost of a traditional university education was out of my reach and I had to live off of my parents. After two years into the business, I graduated and have not looked back since.

This home based business has allowed me to live in my own home while working from home. I enjoy saving money and not having to worry about commuting, traffic or parking issues. I am able to earn money by working from home because I like to write and market online. I believe if I had not gotten involved with the home-based industry, I would have continued in a much different field.

The main reason I took economics courses online is because I needed a quick refresher course on how economics functions. However, after finishing college, I didn’t think I needed any more classes. As long as I could find an online job doing something I enjoy, I thought I did not need to go back to school. While working online made me extra money, it also enabled me to save more money and not have to deal with so many expenses.

Two months ago my son died in a car accident. Immediately after the news broke I was devastated. I lost a great friend and suddenly found myself in a world I never considered for myself. I immediately started looking for ways to help my family through this tragic time. Since my best friend is in the home based business, I decided to enroll in some home based business programs just to brush up on economics and help my family through this difficult time.

At first I thought I didn’t need to take any home-based programs because I was already knowledgeable in the subject matter. However, while I was doing my online trading course I kept discovering new aspects of economics that I hadn’t known before. When I completed the course I started to understand how foreign economies affect each other, how the banking system works, how the economy affects insurance, how large pharmaceutical companies work, and how the government regulates these businesses. All of this information was new and it opened up my eyes to how a home based business could benefit me and my family. So now I look at home based programs as additional resources that are helping me understand the economy in a different light.

In addition to learning how economics helps me and my family, I am learning about how it can benefit me and my future customers. For instance, if I decide to open a home based ecommerce store, I can learn about the complexities of drop shipping and wholesale prices. This knowledge will help me price my products competitively so that my customers can get the best deal possible. I can also educate myself on how I can make my online store easy to use so that my customer doesn’t have to know anything about computer programs to order from me.

It’s true that I have only been a home based business for a couple of months, but I can already tell you that I am having a lot more fun than I ever had before. My husband is getting more excited about working at home than he has ever had before, and my teenage son keeps asking me what his next secret project is. It’s a safe bet that within the next year I will have more secret projects than I have ever had before.

The truth is that I started my home based ecommerce store because I want more time to spend with my family. I also like the challenge of learning new things along the way. In fact, I already have several small home based businesses that are paying me back with increased sales and profits. All of this is happening because I’m taking the time to learn about economics, I’m making decisions based on what I learn, and I’m constantly learning new strategies. If you’re thinking about getting started with your own home based business, I highly recommend you do so!

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