Courses in Finance and Trading

What occupations do you obtain with an online business finance degree? In general, jobs in finance fall into some broad categories: business analyst, business manager, financial officer, macro economics advisor, mortgage broker/advisor, financial planner, private investor, securities dealer, Treasury loan officer, bank teller, and financial secretary. It may surprise you to know that many of these jobs are available with only a B average. A finance major is also qualified to work as an account manager, financial analyst, credit manager, and environmental consultant. There are also government and consulting jobs available with online degrees in finance.

So what specifically will you learn in a finance degree program? You will study topics such as accounting, business law, corporate finance, and banking principles. If you are interested in becoming a business manager, you will study managerial economics, corporate finance, marketing, and organizational behavior. Finance is also an excellent degree program for those wanting to become financial analysts, or people involved in risk management. One could also study law and statistics for their masters in business administration (MBA).

A solid business finance degree program will give you a solid foundation in math, risk management, statistics, and other related subjects. Some classes may require specialized training or knowledge in a particular subject area. This is often part of the student’s professional coursework. For example, you may need to take specialized classes such as mathematics, trading, and financial markets.

If you are planning on starting your own business or just getting started working in finance, you will need a short course in business degree options. These programs can be found at most community colleges and trade schools. Finance associates degrees and shorter certificate programs are common. If you plan on going to work in finance soon, however, you may want to consider a long-term career in banking or other related fields.

Coursera is another excellent online business degree option. It is taught through an online learning system that works much like a regular college. It can be a good fit for working adults who would otherwise not be able to afford a traditional college course.

The first thing that you will learn in coursera is the core course in business. This will include lectures about company structure, corporate finance, risk management, global finance, mergers and acquisitions, financing, trading, and business law. The core course is designed to give students a solid background in the key areas of finance. All of the core courses are taught online, through presentations and discussion. You will not have classroom interaction in coursera; however, many students report that it is still effective for helping to grasp important concepts.

Another core course taught in coursera is technical analysis. This is a specialized area of study that will prepare you to be a valuable trader in the financial markets. Students in technical analysis are taught to understand stock charts and how to interpret and evaluate them. Forex is covered in this course as well as futures and options trading. Financial markets are complex places, so you will need to know how to analyze the data that you are presented with and make good decisions in your investments.

Coursera also offers courses in finance and trading that are closely related to LinkedIn, which is a popular social networking site. LinkedIn is used by many young professionals who are looking for jobs, so gaining a few connections can really help you when it comes to networking and finding potential employers. Many of these courses teach the skills that you will need to be successful in LinkedIn trading. Coursera does offer courses in LinkedIn trading as well, but they are geared towards using the site as part of your professional network.

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