Why Business News Is Better Heard From the Point of View of a Journalist

Business News Weekly (BMW), published by Transaction Publishing Corporation (TPC), is one of the most popular business magazines in the world. Every month, it boasts more than 300 pages of industry-related articles, business forecasts, financial forecasts, editorials, and other insightful information. It is also renowned for breaking industry stories and market research. BHM recently launched an upgraded web site, adding valuable new features and options to meet the needs of today’s business managers. Here are some tips on using the site to enhance your business.

– Become a journalist: In November 2007, BHM started publishing business journalism, bringing renowned business correspondents jointly together with industry insiders to discuss business issues in a relaxed atmosphere. The partnership was made possible through a unique program called Business Journalism Now, in which B HM correspondents wrote articles and contributed to the blog. As the business news website grew, so did the number of journalists willing to write for B HM.

– Register with the BMJ: Today, there are hundreds of business journalism and blog sites on the Internet. Many of them require a membership to post stories or upload pictures. If you want to publish business news or feature stories through the Internet, you need to register with the BMJ. This ensures that your name will be registered whenever web sites need to obtain your story or file information about you.

– Follow the content on twitter or Facebook: This is one of the best tips for startup journalists. No matter where you work in the world today, you could very well be following the Facebook or Twitter feeds of popular companies. In fact, you may even be an employee who is assigned to give advice to popular startups. Use your social media accounts to share business advice, tips, news or recommendations.

– Be proactive in your profile: In addition to providing a business profile, business journalists should also provide a personal one. Business journalists should add a photo and a bit of personality. This will help the companies to determine if they would like to hire you as a freelance reporter. When you do freelancing, you have to take care of all the costs associated with your freelancing gig, including taxes. In most countries, freelancers have to abide by a legal requirement to remit taxes.

– Be an expert: In business journalism, you can become an expert by providing first-person accounts or feedback on a product or service. Start up business journalists started their careers by writing stories about their own companies. Today, they continue to write from that same mindset, writing about topics related to their clients’ businesses.

– Join a business journalism association: Most journalists have a trade association or group within the industry. If you have the drive to become one, you can also tap into the networking opportunities that a trade association has to offer. Trade associations for business journalists include Association of Business Journalist and Business News Editor.

Today, blogging is a major source of information and business news. However, business journalism has always had a distinct advantage over blogging. Although some still consider business news sites as journals, others view it much differently. Business journalists have always provided first-hand reporting and analysis, something blogging could never accomplish.

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