Small Business Administration and Online Entrepreneurship Degree Concentrations

Owning a small business is a dream for many people in our country. Unfortunately, many of them never get off the ground because of one reason or another. Some are denied loans and support, while others are unable to find the right entrepreneurial spirit within themselves. Luckily, there are plenty of options for entrepreneurs who don’t know where to begin.

There are plenty of online bachelor degree programs that can help you get your foot in the door of the entrepreneurial world. The best programs are those with mentors who can really “inspect” your business – not just a business you happen to be operating at the moment. DeVry University has the Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship specialization to help you succeed and reach your entrepreneurial goals. This specialty offers several courses that cover budgeting, customer service, forecasting, e-business and several other important business subjects.

Part of what makes DeVry so unique is that they recognize that not everyone comes with the entrepreneurial gene. In order for these highly respected programs to work for their students, they allow a part of the program to be devoted to helping potential borrowers develop and refine the traits they do have. Part of this intro course is a detailed overview of entrepreneurship. Students then proceed to take the core coursework of business management, including the introductory class with a comprehensive overview of the whole course. There is also a strong emphasis on intro and exit strategy, with students taking an in-depth look at various business models.

After taking these core courses, students can move forward to the next part of the program which involves a comprehensive examination of finance and accounting principles. With this examination, students will learn how to analyze and optimize the use of finance in order to solve problems, as well as how to maximize return on investment by creating an efficient finance system. In addition, online bachelor’s degree programs may offer financial management certification, which is a great credential to have when job searching or applying for higher level positions in any industry.

What does it take to earn your degree? At Devry University, you can earn your BS in accounting and business administration online, through an accelerated program that allows you to complete the requirements at your own pace. Because the school does not place as much emphasis on classroom learning as many of the other universities, you may find that you need to take some classes on the job. Some of the core classes offered are Accounting and Financial Analysis, Managerial Economics, Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Operations Research and Methods. In addition, each of these classes will also include some elective credits, depending on the degree you are pursuing. Some of these include Foundations of Enterprise Management, Principles of Microeconomics, and Statistics for Business Management.

The entrepreneurial concentration course at Devry University focuses on the practical aspects of entrepreneurship. You will learn how to manage resources effectively, as well as how to obtain financing for your business ventures. This course is not only designed for individuals looking to start their own business. Many small businesses in America today were started by business professionals who had not previously held a management position in their respective fields. Many of these entrepreneurs were able to start their businesses through small businesses initiatives or angel investors. These people may have had different experiences and learned along the way, but each entrepreneur was able to succeed because they were able to overcome certain obstacles and persevere through the challenges.

Another option for those looking to earn a degree in entrepreneurship is the University of Phoenix’s entrepreneurship program. The University has several concentrations, including healthcare entrepreneurship program, which allows students to learn about the business side of health care while earning their degree. Online students can also earn their degrees through the university’s Sailing and Business Management concentration, which allow students to apply advanced management principles to the business world of today.

Each of these concentrations are important for those who want to start their own business. The online entrepreneurship degree concentration programs are great if you are planning to enter a management position once you graduate from college. You can improve your chances of landing a good paying job or advancing in your current job by focusing your studies toward an online business administration degree.

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