Crisis Marketing for Small Businesses

There are a growing number of people opening their own business and operating it from home. The good news is this is no longer just the exception. In fact, the days when only people with college degrees could earn a living from home are rapidly coming to an end. Today, anyone with a computer, internet connection and some spare money can earn as much or more than they did fifteen years ago. This, of course, depends on how much competition you have. If you have the right skills and resources, you may be able to leverage the popularity of the internet and its myriad tools to launch a successful home based business that will stay profitable and grow with time.


As the internet continues to grow in both popularity and sophistication, small businesses will increasingly need to make use of it to thrive. The good news for many business owners is that never before has there been so many new digital tools available to small business owners. Whether you work in consulting, product sales, programming, design or other home based business activities, you can use online tools to reach a worldwide audience. The growth rate of online commerce is accelerating and there are millions of potential customers online at any given moment. If you want to take advantage of this Pandemic, you need to follow three simple tips.

One important tip for any business seeking to tap into the Pandemic is to determine your firm size. Firms of all sizes should be taking part in the Pandemic. You cannot be one of the first to join, because others will quickly catch up if you are not careful. Your firm size can also affect the success of your business because a small business with several employees will have a harder time competing against a firm of the same size with deeper pockets. It will be easier to secure funding if you fall into a niche that is highly profitable.

Another important tip for new and small businesses is to carefully assess their general spending habits. Since expenses are running high in a recession, it makes sense to save as much money as possible. Many small businesses that have experienced the pandemic have spent a large portion of their marketing budget on overhead expenses such as rent, electricity, computer supplies, etc., which have reduced their profit margin, but are essential to making a profit.

Before considering taking part in the online news market, a business needs to ask themselves whether or not it is necessary to participate. If the answer is no, then it is best to skip the news altogether, because participating in online news will simply cost you money and do little to improve your business model. The news industry has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception and will continue doing so in the next few years. Participating in online news will help your business get a leg up on your competitors, and if you are a small business owner looking to expand your business, it is one of the few avenues available to you that will actually help you grow.

Surveys are among the easiest and most effective forms of advertising available today. In order to take one of these surveys, all that a home-based business needs to do is find a honest online company that will allow them to complete their demographic profile. They provide the business with enough information to categorize them into a specific group, based on several factors including age, income, geographic location, etc. once they have this information, a business can select whether or not to purchase an advertisement. The type of advertisement that they purchase is completely up to the company, and can include print, electronic media, or both.

Another form of marketing that is less well known but can prove to be extremely beneficial to a small business, is “Pulse Surveys”. This type of online survey does not require the business to purchase ad space or participate in anything other than having their demographic profile filled out by those participating in the survey. If used properly, this can be the perfect match for a business trying to find new customers and can give them an unparalleled way to find out what their clients want and need.

If you are looking to make your small businesses more profitable, and you have no idea where to begin, taking advantage of the booming consumer demand for more personalized service should be one of the first steps. In the ever-changing world of consumer preferences, it is important to know how people think about your products and services, in order to provide your customers with the products that they are looking for. Taking the time to conduct a simple online survey is one of the easiest ways for small businesses to learn about their audience and find out what would make them buy more. The next time you are feeling a crisis for your business, instead of reaching for the wallet, turn to the internet for answers, and a pulse on what people are searching for.