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Ask fellow business owners, friends, or other industry professionals to review your business proposal before you apply for finance. Try to develop and implement your marketing plan. Start small with the least capital possible and expand as things begin to pick up. Use whatever available technology, seek affordable ways to reduce your overhead and find ways to cut your costs.

Spend some time every day reading business and financial news headlines on the Internet. Find some specific stories that pertain to your field of business and follow the news headlines to identify key words and phrases that may be important to potential lenders. For example, if you own a mobile car wash business, read news headlines about crashes in major cities. This news may lead you to key words such as “job loss” and “cessive fees.”

Do some research on world economy and local economies in your field of business. Most business experts agree that a poorly performing economy has an adverse affect on businesses in almost all industries. You can learn about world news through business websites such as The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Search newspapers, online business magazines, business blogs, and online financial and news websites for commentaries about the economy and local economies. Watch for articles that mention your industry or company.

Expose yourself to as much current business news as possible. If your business has social media accounts, post comments and updates on them. Read blogs, participate in discussions, and follow business and economic news on Twitter and Facebook. Social media commentary and news are often a feeder to major business news agencies.

Watch television business programs. Be sure to check the business television station frequently for updated commentary about markets, economies, politics and other topics of interest. In addition, consider following business news websites, especially those that have a focus on your industry. Some of these websites also have news sections that provide commentaries about what is being reported by experts in your industry. Check the website often for updated news. When you hear something you know is of import, listen to the commentary and absorb it.

Check online business and technology news sites for the latest business news. These websites often include information on government and tax policies, economic growth and statistics, health news, and much more. Take some time out of your schedule to read up on local business and technology news. This information can help you keep abreast of what is happening in your field of business.

Follow the business and finance section of your favorite news publications. Some publications will carry stories about trends in economies around the world. The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal run regular feature stories on world events. These kinds of news stories are particularly timely because they usually pertain to economics and finance. Paying attention to finance and economic developments can give you an edge over your competitors.

If you are involved with personal finance, consider subscribing to a business magazine or two. Popular business magazines tend to focus on business issues, but there are magazines that will focus on personal finance as well. Whether you prefer business magazines or personal finance magazines, consider reading business news and economics articles on a regular basis to stay abreast of business and economy developments.

Another excellent resource for business and economy news and analysis is the World Wide Web. The Internet has made it very easy to stay informed about world events and business, and by simply using your favorite search engine site, you can find news and analysis from various countries around the world. By subscribing to a business or economy news feed, you will be able to receive news and information from all corners of the globe at the same time. From the stock markets to political developments in different countries, the Internet is the number one source for news and current events around the world.

For people that are just beginning to get into the business world, consider subscribing to a business news site. A news site that provides up-to-date business and economic news can be an invaluable asset for those just starting out. You can learn about new policies, tax laws, and any other business news that will help you grow your business. A news site also provides breaking business stories, which is great for keeping you ahead of the competition.

If you’re particularly like the business-oriented folks that you meet every day, you may especially like business news sites that focus on specific industries. General business news is important, but if you know more about your particular industry, you’ll be more likely to find new business opportunities and insights that you can use to grow your business. Subscribe to a business news site that focuses on your industry. It’s a lot less expensive than paying for business magazines every month. If you have a business, it might even pay you to subscribe!