Top 3 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Like many other business owners, you probably read business news and hear about business opportunities. You might even have tried some of them. While you may be very active in business online, some of these ventures may seem a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, consider starting a home based business that gives you control over your own time. Here are some ideas:

Blogging. Unlike what you may think, blogging is actually one of the newest business ideas of the future. As more companies have a blog, it’s easy to lose track of how many different businesses began online as just a blog. However, blogging can still help you build authority in your field while making money in various ways. Consider monetizing your blog to make money in other ways, or use it to just give yourself a nice break.

WordPress. WordPress is extremely popular for many reasons, including being one of the most secure and reliable blogs on the internet. If used correctly, you can monetize your WordPress blog to make a great income from the comfort of your own home. This is also a great way to learn how to create a profitable business that uses the power of the internet.

Niche Consulting. Many entrepreneurs find that they are in business for themselves, rather than for their customers. If you feel that your business could use some consulting skills, this could be a great way to monetize your business. Some business owners use their online business contacts (clients, Facebook friends, etc.) to give them a head start at becoming successful in their niche.

Podcasting. Have you heard of podcasting? This is a new media phenomenon that allows you to make money online while actually having your shows broadcast to the internet. This is a great way to get your business known, and if you have the production skills to do it, there are literally millions of people out there who would like to receive your high-quality audio shows. With a simple internet connection, and a microphone, you could have your very own profitable business by podcasting your content to the world.

Affiliate Marketing. While most online businesses today are selling products, some are selling services instead. In this case, you would look to promote other people’s businesses through your website, and you would in turn receive a commission from whatever the client sold. You could be promoting everything from ebooks to physical products. This is one of the more popular online business ideas, and it is highly recommended to anyone looking to start a home business that is reasonably easy to duplicate.

Social Media Marketing. If you enjoy using Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with friends, and you’re looking for an easy business that you can get started online in just a few days, social media marketing may be perfect for you. With most social media sites, like YouTube and Facebook, you get paid simply by adding friends, and as your popularity grows, you’ll start earning commissions from sales made by those who added you. So this business model is perfect for someone who enjoys using Facebook and Twitter and is looking to create a business that can easily be duplicated.

Corporate Counseling. Another idea is to use your corporate counsel skills to help other small business owners improve their businesses. By providing legal advice and other services to these companies, you help make small business more successful and grow in the long run. You can even combine corporate counsel with affiliate marketing if you so choose!