Business Plans for the Month of October

In these tough economic times, entrepreneurs are finding that the key to success is in growing their business. Although this is easier said than done, it is possible to grow a business while times are good. Many successful small business owners were able to do so without the benefit of government assistance. In fact, some were able to achieve the greatest levels of success when the economy was floundering.


Before you embark on your journey, it is important to understand business economics, including microeconomics (the little guys) and macroeconomics (the big guys). One cannot just get away with business economics; one must be willing to study it and apply it to their business. Otherwise, they may not understand why they should even bother starting a business, let alone trying to turn it into a success. There are many books on business economics that are available through libraries and bookstores. Here are some ideas to consider as you learn more about the subject:

Economic Ideas for Entrepreneurs – The Professional Association of Business Economists (PABE) publishes an annual report that looks at several different aspects of business economics. This includes aspects such as global economics, business cycles, technology growth, and monetary policy. For entrepreneurs, this is a good source of information, especially since the current global economic downturn has had a profound negative impact on virtually every industry. Additionally, because entrepreneurs generally have more invested capital than larger companies, the economic impacts of even the smallest changes can have a dramatic effect.

Nonprofit Organizations – There are many nontraditional business enterprises, many of which are classified as nonprofits. As a nonprofessional organization, business economics can play an important role in how you choose to run your business. Some examples of nontraditional nonprofit organizations include charities, environmental groups, and some types of volunteer organizations. Nontraditional nonprofits often have less overhead than some other types of organizations, and are often very willing to receive help if it is needed. This can be an especially valuable type of input for anyone who wishes to establish a charitable or educational organization.

How Your Business Plan Can Shape the Future – One of the major benefits of setting up a business is the ability to influence how your business will evolve and grow over time. In many cases, this means building an elaborate business plan that outlines how you plan to make use of the various opportunities that are available in your field and beyond. While many small businesses fail in their first few years of operation, it is not uncommon for them to undergo restructuring and expansion during their second or even third year. For this reason, many small business entrepreneurs take the time to write up a business plan, draw up visions of their business’s future, and engage in ongoing planning. This can go a long way towards ensuring that your business is well-positioned for the future and will continue to operate profitably into the future.

The Benefits of Promoting a Pandemic Cure – Most people are familiar with the story of Y2K, the catastrophic global financial meltdown of 1999. Although it was a terrible disaster that could have been prevented, many small businesses survived thanks to a new, artificially intelligent system called the “P Pandemic Cure.” In short, the Pandemic Cure was an artificial, genetically engineered virus that was released into the general public to boost the immunity levels of many small businesses throughout the country. As people realized that the Pandemic Cure was available, they flocked to get infected so that they too could enjoy the benefits of the cure. Similar examples of successful pandemics can be seen in natural disasters such as the flu or the swine flu.

Small Businesses Benefit When the Pandemic hits Small Firms can sometimes weather the storm better than larger firms because they have the experience of adapting quickly to changing conditions. Large firms tend to be slower to react, and even when they do adapt they don’t do well for long periods of time. Because small businesses have had so much success with the Pandemic Cure, large firms now fear the Pandemic and are trying very hard to get out before the situation gets out of control. This can mean lower consumer spending and higher costs for small businesses as they try to do more with less labor and resources.

The Implications of a Pandemic – In the case of small business, the impact is immediate and powerful. Small businesses can survive a small disaster such as a small pandemic if they prepare in advance and do the necessary work to promote their immune systems. If you’ve been staring at your business budget for the past few months and are not making the profits you want, it may be time to look into implementing a small business plan for the month of October. Don’t wait until you see the numbers come in, put those dollars into a business savings account and watch the money come rolling in. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the cash can add up.