Stifel Hires UBS Team in Oregon, Second Wirehouse ‘Get’ in a Week

October 11, 2019

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Stifel, Nicolaus landed its second group of wirehouse advisors in a week on Thursday, hiring a father-son team from UBS Wealth Management USA to open a new office in Bend, Oregon.

Jim Fleck and his son Jason oversaw $216 million of client assets at UBS, where they had worked for the last eight years, Stifel Financial said in a news release. They joined six days after four Merrill Lynch brokers managing about $965 million and producing $6.5 million opened a new branch near Stifel Financial’s St. Louis headquarters.

Jim Fleck, who has 37 years of brokerage experience, knew Mark McClure, a managing director and producing branch manager of Stifel’s Bellevue, Wash., branch from their days at Ragen Mackenzie, a Seattle-based firm that Wells Fargo Advisors bought in 2000.

“I have a great relationship with the Flecks,” McClure said in a prepared statement in which he noted that Stifel has wanted to open a Bend office for “a long time.”

The move is the third for the Flecks since leaving Wells in June 2017. They worked for four years at D.A. Davidson in Bend, prior to joining UBS in that city in 2011. 

Jim Fleck also worked at times from a UBS-registered location in southern California, according to BrokerCheck. His son first registered as a broker with Wells in 2005.

The new Stifel office is the company’s fourth in Oregon and the 13th it has opened in 2019, it said in its press release. The company had 2,193 brokers as of the end of the second quarter, up a net 75 from June 30, 2018. 

More than 80% of its recruits have come from larger firms, Stifel said in July, with average production of new hires in the second quarter at $782,000. That is a lower average than the $900,000-$1 million advertised by UBS, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley but higher than the average Stifel broker.

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