Three Life-Changing Benefits of Hiring a Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer

When it comes to online platforms for professional development and career advancement, there’s no doubt that LinkedIn is a King. Human Resource Departments and professional recruiters increasingly use digital tools to source candidates and conduct due diligence. It’s no wonder that professional LinkedIn profile writers are in high demand. 

Although most people think of LinkedIn as nothing more than a place to post your resume or Curriculum Vitae, this couldn’t be further from the truth. With features like a real-time news feed and instant messaging built-in, LinkedIn combines the networking features of a traditional social media platform with the professional feel of a traditional online job board.

Unlike Facebook, however, users have a high degree of trust for information they find on LinkedIn, and the platform attracts a more influential demographic. Moreover, LinkedIn has recently been expanding the platform to provide career training and educational offerings, recently launching features like LinkedIn Learning.

  • Over 50 Million LinkedIn users hold senior-level positions, and 40 million users are considered decision-makers in their organization. 
  • Users report trusting the information they find on LinkedIn up to 200% more than information on other social media platforms like Facebook.
  • LinkedIn Learning is a proprietary e-learning video platform which contains a variety of course offerings designed to help users develop in-demand professional skills. For example, the platform has recently started offering courses on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing.

LinkedIn users routinely report these three benefits as the most significant reasons to hire a professional LinkedIn profile writer:

1. Get Your Profile Found On LinkedIn (& Other Places) Much Easier 

LinkedIn is a professional networking, sales, and recruiting platform. It’s one of the most significant online search engines in the world. For maximum results, each section of your profile must be centered around relevant keywords to feed in o the search engines. Generic phrases like “motivated, creative individual with an extensive track record” might be commonly used, but they do nothing to make your profile more visible. 

With so much opportunity at stake, the best LinkedIn profile writer will go to painstaking lengths to maximize your profile’s position in relevant search results on the platform. An experienced profile writer will help you craft a unique personal brand which stands out in search results. 

Furthermore, LinkedIn is also considered a “high domain authority” site by Google. So your profile page shows up at the top of the search results when a potential employer Googles your name. 

2. Bring A Fresh Perspective to Your Personal Story

The best LinkedIn profile writers can analyze your professional experience and skill-set from a fresh, outside perspective. Bringing a creative but unbiased to the table, the right profile writer will help craft your brand in ways that you probably haven’t thought about. Since the profile writer sees such a large amount of LinkedIn profiles every day. They can help your profile avoid sounding generic by using language not commonly found in your field.

Besides, hiring a professional LinkedIn profile writer can be an excellent choice for those with confidence issues. As many people are not comfortable talking about their accomplishments and tend to underestimate what they have achieved. With a more objective outside approach; however, the right profile writer will ask the proper questions to help you highlight your strengths with no fear of coming across as boastful. 

3. Keep your focus on work, not your LinkedIn Profile

Even though it may be fun to write your own LinkedIn profile, the shocking truth is that most people have never sat down and thought about the hard cost of devoting their time to tasks other than work. 

People tend to drastically underestimate the amount of time which a task will take them to complete, a psychological effect known as the planning fallacy. It can be tempting to think that creating a properly optimized LinkedIn profile will only take a few minutes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With so many subtle nuances to LinkedIn, creating the kind of profile that will stand out takes much longer than the average person estimates. 

Instead of pried away from essential work tasks, many LinkedIn users find it much more productive to hire a profile writer to do it for them. That’s where the professional LinkedIn profile writer comes in. 

Most professionals are too busy to give their profile page adequate attention, even though the benefits can be life-changing. While a dynamite LinkedIn profile page can give a stellar first impression on recruiters and sales prospects alike, constructing the perfect LinkedIn page requires expertise and patience. 

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