How College Entrepreneurs are Making a Difference

Deciding What You Want

A hard choice you will make in your business career will be deciding what it is you want to spend your time doing for the rest of your life. Very successful people say that this is difficult for several reasons. First, you do not know the future, but you want to plan for the future. Secondly, it requires to know enough of yourself, at least your real desires, ambitions, and passions, to trust in your gut-level desire in shaping your future. Take it one step at a time. Make that decision later under a different time frame. It is good to have it at least on a side burner while you are going along in college. 

Along with the events and activities, schedules, interactions, and encounters with all the people you will definitely meet, try to have an ongoing question in your mind and heart: “Would I be content with myself doing this for the rest of my life?” 

Your activities may be as simple as spreading the word about your college under a school canopy on weekends or leading a group of freshman through orientation. The key to this is to observe these events as you experience them and make notes about how they ring true with your goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

Working With Others in Related Fields

Have some fun while you are at college, but, at the same time, spend some time developing the person you want to be someday. College counselors, psychologists, and coaches for Olympic sports recommend creative exercises that put you into the world of your future by spending 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a week in what is called creatively imagining; who you would like to be one day but imagining it as if you are already there. As you do these exercises, observe how you feel and take notes on your experiences. Is what you are imagining yourself to be fitting your personality, skills, and knowledge of who you are. You won’t know at first, but as you continue to develop a clearer image of who you envision yourself as, it will become clearer the kind of entrepreneur you actually are.

Flow With the Changes

It may not be the vision you first thought you would be, but your imagination won’t lead you astray if you join it with self-knowledge and self-appraisal. There have been millions of great sports players, artists, businesspersons, and government leaders who have used this same exercise to build up confidence and courage as business leaders, performers, sports competitors and more. Ultimately, you may want to start generating leads to meet others that are thinking like you are and work together as a group. You never know when and how a business partner will show up. There are many, many examples of successful startup partners who became friends in college and started their own companies.

Accept Failure As a Step Forward

Whenever you find that you have failed along the route you dreamed of, accept it as a step forward. Life itself will give you a way of working things out for those who keep trying and moving forward. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in this modern-day had to go through a few rejections and setbacks before they hit their stride in a big way. The main thing is to keep refining your self-image and keep your eye on the big picture. Life has a way of shining lights in the right direction when the person is ready.

Thank Your Benefactors

You are living in a very wonderful time in history and there are so many ways to get your ideas off the ground. If you are wanting to be an entrepreneur, then whenever you develop your first product or service, there are plenty of ways you can access even more help by simply looking for people who would be willing to support your ride from proof of concept to manufacturing. 

In other words, seeking investments can materialize in many ways, from people you meet in college, places like crowdfunding sites, government business loans, etc. Whatever means you choose to use, decide beforehand what it is you are looking for and what you are willing to give in return for what you are asking. Rarely do we get the things we want in life without giving some other good as an equally valuable good. Make the financial donor a part of your support team, and do something that will make them proud to have supported you now and in the future of your business.

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