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These are some really cool people in the cannabis space who I want to spend more time learning from. They get it.

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Warren Bobrow=WB: Where are you from?

Brett Feldman=Wonderbrett=BF: I grew up in Northridge, California in the San Fernando Valley, which was a breeding ground not only for low-income demographics, but a small town of family-oriented people that really sought out hard work for a better life. Living so close to Los Angeles gave us access to the incredible culture and markets of the city, but living in a poorer suburb was almost a polar opposite to that fast-paced life.

WB: Why cannabis?

Orange Sunset

Orange Sunset

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BF:Twenty years ago, cannabis was as potent and profitable as it is today, but the risk was unimaginably high. Cannabis was a survival tool financially for my family so that we could make it through tough times, and as the son of a deli owner, balancing making sandwiches and schoolwork while trying to keep my mental balance was a mountain of a task. I believed in my heart and soul that cannabis was a good thing for myself and for others, regardless of the law and mainstream opinion. Even at that time, I knew the medicinal benefits that high-quality weed possessed, especially in treating my anxiety in such a stressful environment. Cannabis helped me as a person and continues to help others. I had a green thumb and took to growing cannabis almost instantly. As I fell in love with the heart of the plant, my peers began to truly value the product, and that admiration continually reinforced my desire to share good weed with as many people as I could. It was then that I met my partner and friend, Cameron Damwijk, whose deep understanding of operations was vestibule for our brand. We cofounded WonderBrett with a shared passion for excellence in product, experience, and operations.



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WB: Did you go to Business School?

BF: Yes, I attended business school, but not in the traditional sense. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family-run business, where I learned about everyday, real-world issues that small businesses encounter. From ordering to customer service to marketing, I watched my parents sustain our lives through pure grit and love. Those traits are scalable and truly powerful in making intelligent business decisions, and when we built WonderBrett, we surrounded ourselves with intelligent, educated, and professional minds whose expertise has been a differentiator in our industry.

WB: Who is your mentor?

BF: Cannabis has historically been a secret society. Our mentors are comprised of our peers who participate in our clandestine culture, and the artists, visionaries, plant scientists, and true geniuses that created some of the most advanced genetics, medicinal benefits, and groundwork for this thriving industry continue to inspire my ethics, my dedication, and my passion.



Photo Courtesy: Wonderbrett

WB: Tell me about your company.

BF: Our brand was born out of a cultural need – an antidote to the void that connects people together every day,we are driven by one goal:enhance the well being of all people. Wonderbrett is opportunity meeting decades of preparation, and because of that depth, is setting a standard in this industry for a clean, consistent, premium-quality smoking experience. We are a lifestyle brand that encapsulates color as flavor, music as color, art as mental food, fashion as wearable voice and premium genetics that translate true to life, recognizable fruit flavors, and complex herb and earth fruits. We participate in artist collaborations with street artists and musicians, with the most recognizable names in art, from Sublime to B Real, from BJ Chicago Kid, to Poo Bear and Shavo. We worked through the most dangerous days of this environment, when the black market was a lifelong jail sentence but we continued to create new genetics and experiences for the wellness of our customers, through the Prop 215 medical market, finally earning our place as leaders in the California recreational market. b. We are now positioned to supply the entire California market from our new state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Long Beach, heralded as one of the largest indoor-grows in North America. We partnered with the most advanced lighting, engineering, and operational companies to create a superior facility, turning out a fresh harvest every other day. Because of this, we can supply our connoisseur market with a consistent, fresh harvest three times a week, giving us a significant advantage over our competitors, allowing us to supply large enough quantities at scale without compromising quality or consistency. Another advantage that we have over our competitors is the ability to introduce newly discovered genetics at a rapid pace. Because of our years of experience and large scale, coupled with our timing to the marketplace, and our authentic cultural perspective, we are optimistic about our future, and the future of all Americans to experience true quality and absolute confidence in their well-being journey. What’s good for the world, is what’s good for business. We do no harm, harvest wellness, and grow, together.



Photo Courtesy: Josh Weil

WB: What was your inspiration?

BF: Our inspiration has always been to help people and bring legitimacy to the plant. Since the early 1990’s, I’ve been dedicated to honoring the benefits of this potent industry, dreaming of the time when we could build a brand and sell cannabis legitimately. Once we can legally proliferate this plant, we can reach out to more people than ever before and effect change on a larger scale. I’m inspired by people who overcome overwhelming odds and their success was derived out of a necessity to survive. If invention is the mother of necessity, then the female cannabis plant is the mother of our inspiration.

WB: What is your 6-month plan? One year?

BF: Over the next six months to a year, we plan to expand our product throughout the four corners of California, establishing ourselves as the only premium cannabis brand for all connoisseurs and new consumers, whose introduction to the plant is a deeply critical experience to curate with good products and brands that put their wellness and mindset, first. The next year will include out of state expansions to other key national markets and overseas markets.

WB: Do you cook? If so, what is your favorite to prepare?

BF: Yes, I like to cook. I like to make soups and healthy vegetable dishes that taste delicious. I’m a flavor hound and just really like to figure out how to make great tasting, unique dishes. i. Who taught you? ii. The family business was a catering company and deli and I grew up learning every aspect of meal prep in the kitchen.

WB: What’s your favorite restaurant? BF: Erewhon Grocery Store, Calabasas, CA

WB: What obstacles stand in your way? How do you propose removing those obstacles?

BF: The biggest obstacles in the California marketplace are excessive taxes and overregulation. Overcoming a lot of the misconceptions and years of society’s stigma on the cannabis culture. The way to overcome the obstacles is by educating the public about the wide variety of benefits that Cannabis offers to the world. This includes educating lawmakers and city and state legislators to enable them to understand that this is a brand new industry that is still in its infancy that has to overcome lots of growing pains before it can be a profitable commodity. Taxes need to be lowered to make pricing more accessible to the general public. The high taxes have driven people from the recreational market to the black market in search of lower prices, which leads to dangerous black market products contaminated with pesticides and mold.

WB: What market do you most want to enter and why?

BF: We want to expand to other markets, but at the right time. This business is much more complex than people anticipate and acknowledge. The premium cannabis business is not a T-shirt factory – it is a farming business and it takes patience, time and skill to achieve success. As the palatability of the industry grows, so is the value of its potential – cannabis grow operations are distinctly positioned because they hold the power of innovation – the quality of the plant is the only differentiator in its effect. The science of balancing the many traits of cannabis rely on a deep scientific, academic, research-oriented operation that produces consistency and potency in every harvest. As federal legalization looms, we believe that serving our customers means serving our plants.

WB: What is your passion?

BF: My passion is creating new flavors, breeding new genetics, discovering new strains, and infusing our cannabis culture through the mediums of art, music, fashion, and food. To do that, we build diversity into our enterprise – diversity of ideas, of people, of genetics, of goals. We fortify our position by ensuring that we focus on team-building, especially in an industry that is still in its market-facing infancy. Cameron still leads this effort with a focus on integrating expertise and efficiencies while maintaining our core culture. We understand that to build a successful brand, we need to build a robust group of minds – minds that have emerged from original grower knowledge of innovative genetics and practices to twenty-first-century enterprise-level operations, best-practices, and infrastructure development thinkers who are leveraging their expertise in this budding industry. Our curated product begins with a seed, and ends with an experience – from our premium genetics to our collaborative visual appeal via our packaging, cultural influence, and continued artistic evolution, consumers see WonderBrett as art. That too is born from an acute understanding of why first impressions are last ones – consumers are inundated and overwhelmed by choice; if we can help them decide through our dedication to creating an immersive, powerful, and beautiful product, then we’ve achieved a status that very few brands do. Right intention, right outcome.

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