Getting On-Page SEO Right, for WordPress

Most people are somewhat familiar with the idea of SEO—optimizing web pages to rank higher and earn more traffic in search engines.

Fewer people, however, are aware of the differences between on-page and off-page aspects of SEO, particularly when it comes to WordPress. While off-page SEO refers to a variety of external factors you can optimize for, on-page SEO refers to specific optimizations that occur on a particular web page, both in terms of content and HTML code.

While they may seem subtle, these various optimizations can play a huge role in helping search engines better understand what each page is about and rank it accordingly.

Implementing on-page SEO on your site(s) will help you set your content up for success, so it ranks higher and attracts targeted traffic, which often translates to higher conversions.

But how do you get started? And what differences, if any, apply to on-page SEO for WordPress specifically? To find out more, check out our white paper, “The Ultimate Checklist for WordPress On-Page SEO,” and start optimizing your WordPress site(s) for on-page SEO today!

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