Does Keeping a Gun at Home Make You Safer?

Having a firearm at home is an ongoing discussion among gun owners and non–gun owners. Several polls have been conducted on the subject, yet the public has to arrive at a substantial unanimity. Americans are divided on whether or not owning a firearm does more to increase home safety. 

For the most part, homeowners are in agreement about wanting to feel safe. But most are hesitant about the thought of safekeeping a gun. By virtue of proximity, having a weapon inside your house risks exposure to it—especially for your kids. Sound judgment dictates, if you don’t want an accident caused by a gun to happen in the house, then don’t keep one inside. But there are also equally pressing reasons to have one.

If you do decide to own a firearm despite the prevailing risks, there are a couple of preventive measures you can do to keep it safe even with children around. Here are a couple of useful approaches to having a gun at home.

Get the Safest Storage for Your Gun

As a parent, you should never take a chance on the safety of your kids. Reduce the risk by getting the most reliable storage unit you can find for your firearm. 

If you compare handguns with rifles, it’s much easier to conceal the former than the latter. But pistols are not as easy as they appear to be. Beginners have a hard time adjusting to their recoil motion.

Rifles, on the other hand, like an AR-15 with sturdy handguards, are much lighter and easier to handle. Whatever size your weapon may be, it’s vital to deposit it in impenetrable storages. Firearms in your home should be completely locked and unloaded. 

Also, you should keep your ammunition in a separate locked box. Never put them all together. This is a rule of thumb you need to follow for your sake and for those living in the same house as you are. Make sure that your children can’t access the keys or have no way of opening the locks. You can go for voice-controlled safety boxes and customize them as you deem fit. 

Educate Your Children about Guns

When it comes to kids, initiating uncomfortable and potentially dangerous topics is never easy. But because you have a gun in the house, you must educate children the best way you can.

Children have a knack for finding the unfindable objects. Whether you like it or not, they will always find a way to get into tricky corners or unlocked doors. A child’s determination to find something can be relentless, which can turn problematic for concealed weapons. 

Talk to your kids, and tell them what they need to do if they ever come across an unsecured firearm. Make sure they understand the consequences of not telling you. They need to hear it from you and be reminded of how extremely dangerous weapons can be.

If your children are old enough, you can guide them on the proper usage of guns. It’s better that you teach them how to shoot. Take them with you to shooting ranges, and practice with a reliable instructor.

Gun ownership and gun violence somehow have an indirect relationship, as observed by most non–gun owners. Increase in ownership translates to a rise in gun-related violence. Keep these considerations in mind before you make a decision about your gun and your kids.

On the practical side, the safest way to protect your home is to invest in the best home security system you can afford. Leave the gun-related issues to your local law enforcement, but there are instances when that choice is just not plausible.

When you’re in desperate need of protection, guns are the most accessible and viable option. If you do own one, you can reduce the risk of unintentional cases and other types of gun problems by storing your firearm in a sturdy home safe.

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