Shared Office Spaces Are on the Rise: What You Need to Know

If you do not know very well what a co-working space is, as a summary, it is a space in which many entrepreneurs work together (but not scrambled) each in their own private space that allows plenty of concentration for the project, but in which synergies and collaborations are generated under the same ceiling.  

For a cluster of different “coincidences,” there are many different types of coworking spaces around the world that work great and in which you can be very happy. 

Much of the work by different smaller corporate jobs only requires a computer and an internet connection, but other jobs do not. If you are a designer, and have to do a lot of “artistic” work such as models, photos, or various lab tests for which you need more space and storage for materials then a coworking space is not the best option. 

Some people tend to be very organized and don’t need any extra willpower to work (mostly because they do what they like, and they get up happily from bed knowing that they have to work) and such people indeed can organize themselves much better in a coworking environment.

Main advantages

Human contact:

Even if you have many Skype meetings and you are talking to people all the time via email, chat, etc., it is not the same. Meeting nice people in the same situation gives you a lot of life. Also, in a place of this type you already know the type of people that you are going to find, if they would like to work in a place like this, they will be open, collaborative, and generous.

Discipline and productivity: 

Many people do not like to set “office hours” because one of the main things you are looking for is freedom, but if it helps you with discipline then it may be a good idea to commit to the hours you are there and working. Also, being more fully concentrated for a set period, time yields more and the result of your work is much better.

Events / Stay up to date: 

In this type of space, there are usually events of all kinds related to entrepreneurship, new technologies, languages, etc. Being there inside allows you to find out about the first of this type of courses or talks and you can sign up first. Also, the fact of being permanently surrounded by entrepreneurs helps you learn easier and faster about current trends, technology, new tools, etc.

Tips for choosing the right coworking space:

– Research your area, or in places that are not much more than 10-15 minutes away. Set a rule for yourself that you should not spend half a morning in the car/bus/subway to get to your workplace, however ideal it may seem. Time is money, you know.

– First visit the one you like. Although it is a great price and over the phone, you can agree, you better go there to make sure it meets all your requirements for furniture, accessories, noise level, etc.

– Set your open hours according to the hours of the day you work. There are some coworking spaces that have a specific schedule of when you can be there. You must usually get up early and leave soon, so you did not see the fact that to adapt the space schedule as an option is preferable. On the other hand, if you are one who works during the central hours of the day, it may be good to know that it closes at a specific time so you can hurry up and get everything finished as early as possible.

– Ask if you have an office/space for your stuff. You do not want to be loaded every day bringing and carrying the material you need to work. The ideal thing is to have some kind of personal space where you can leave some things (from pens and markers to your tea bags). Be sure to ask if you have this option because we can assure you that you will need it.

These things will help you in choosing an ideal coworking space where you can work, socialize, and collaborate. Also, this will increase your productivity and work sense as a good amount of self-discipline will be maintained by focusing your aims and goals. 

And remember always to try and examine the space first before actually beginning to work there regularly. You need to know if it needs something specific, or if the place suits your work, along with the people who are already situated there.

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