Unlocking the Value of Values with Artifical Intelligence

Today, your business’s digital presence is just as important as the products or services it sells. 

Provide visitors to your digital properties with a memorable, meaningful experience, and they’ll be more likely to remain engaged and ultimately purchase something from you. Fail in that endeavor, however, and your competitors will be waiting to scoop them up.   

Digital experiences have become valuable currency in today’s online marketplace, and the businesses that are winning in this new, competitive landscape are those that have successfully harnessed new technologies to bring better digital experiences to life.

In the past, the speed at which businesses were able to do things like quickly build a website or make it mobile-responsive meant the difference between them and the other players in their industry or vertical. 

Today, that same competitive charge is being led by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the way businesses are able to apply AI-driven solutions to build powerful, personalized digital experiences that resonate with younger, more demanding audiences online. 

But implementing AI-driven tools, particularly with regards to digital experiences, is far from straightforward. While this technology has made major strides in numerous industries (i.e. healthcare, entertainment, financial services, and the military)  its application for brands and marketers remains somewhat elusive.

To find out more about the elements of AI-powered digital experiences and ways businesses can drive value with AI, WP Engine, in collaboration with Dr. Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London and his research team at Smoothmedia, conducted a comprehensive, international study aimed at examining the role of AI in creating engaging digital experiences on the web. 

Check out the entire ebook, which dives into those findings and explores their implications for today’s marketers and business leaders.  

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