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Tiny But Mighty

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From the very first glance, be it on an angle, or straight into your hand, lighting your tiny, but mighty joint and inhaling deeply brings solace. Through inhaling the healing vapors you can feel into your very soul that Sundae School mini-joints are something extremely special. If you think that you’ve tried excellent cannabis in the past I implore you to seek out Sundae School’s offerings in the cannabis vein. The tiny tin boxes come emblazoned with the messages of the moment. Eureka. Uplift. Brain, Cardio, Boost. They are known professionally as Bullets. I’ve always thought of this size of joint as a dog-walk joint, just enough to walk your dog and make a new friend at the same time.

Sundae School is the smokable incarnation of much dreaming.

The Tiny But Mighty, pre-rolled joints come in a variety of effects, from the above mentioned Eureka to Kickback and finally, Nightcap. My sample of Eureka is most enlightening with toasty notes of sourdough brioche toast rubbed with roasted hazelnuts and orange zests. The high is crystal clear, the name of the tiny joints being mighty are right on target. There is nothing small about them. My mind is crystalline and purposeful. I’m working through this article with the desire for you to seek out the mini-joints and enjoy them deeply, as I am. Words just flow with this strain of intellectual enthusiasm that you can enjoy.

Sundae School is educating your brain, one puff at a time!

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Tiny and Mighty grace the carefully embossed tin can. Opening the tin fills the room with all the aromatic goodness of California grown craft cannabis. Each tiny joint is carefully hand-rolled to offer just enough cannabis essence and stone, but not too much as to overwhelm

Nose: Graham cracker crusted late summer peach cobbler leads into a mash of toasty hazelnuts and sweet corn pudding

Palate: First puffs are full of sweet honey swirled deeply around mere droplets of gingersnap and orange oil. The draw is smooth and not cough inducing. The cannabis is well aged, yet not dried out

Finish: The multi minute finish reveal themselves behind sheets of smoked Virginia Ham and brightly touched by notes of wet stones and sea salt

And I got really stoned smoking only 1/2 of the mini-joint.


Dae Lim, co-founder & CEO 

Mia Park, co-founder & COO/CFO

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