Mindset Matters: How The New Disability Narrative Is Shaping Business Culture Through The Framework Of Corporate Health And Wellness

Building on the very idea that the personal is professional, The New Narrative of Disability is expanding the very lexicon of business strategy but it is doing so through the framework of the lived experience of disability and it is the personal narrative that is central in developing new modes of thinking across a multitude of perspectives from  leadership, entrepreneurship, management theory and practice, to the design of new products and services.  However, in expanding its scope and developing this innovative tool for business The New Narrative of Disability must have at its core a foundation that is rife for growth and provides organizations a vision for building  both competitive and healthy companies while calculating a balance between a human centered yet future focused strategy. To find this equilibrium, The New Narrative of Disability must be firmly rooted in having an impact in the realm of corporate health and wellness.

Over the last several years we have begun to see a heightened awareness of health and wellness issues from every age bracket to all walks of society. Certainly, in the corporate environment the impact of mental health is having an effect both on the individual and the organization. Whether discussions of broader issues such as work life balance to stress management to the issues of job design or how to create a more conducive environment to increase productive are only a small fraction of the topics that are on the table from corporate boardrooms to water coolers. It is here where The New Narrative of Disability can play a vital role in helping to shape corporate policy, refine strategy and seek novel approaches to dealing with the most glaring issues within the corporate health and wellness space.

C-level executives, senior management and executive coaches can draw from a plethora of ideas to implement critical strategies to meet the organizations wellness needs being that The New Narrative of Disability is built on a foundation of personal experience. It is through this personal narrative that we find how the lessons of the lived experience can truly impact the individual and an organization authoring a road map for professionals to enhance long term success on many levels.

As professionals begin to adopt The New Narrative of Disability as part of their corporate strategy, they will recognize that there are a few fundamental tenants that are at the heart of this business philosophy. One is the understanding of resiliency which is very much at the center of the disability experience building on the idea that one has the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis, stress or other negative effects through a sense of fortitude and behavioral capabilities that help them remain calm under duress. Another key element is the ability to embrace adaptation and see it is an aspect of everyday life. The disability experience is so often defined by the need for adaptation and how that plays into navigating the challenges of everyday life. These lessons are essential for anyone embarking on there own business adventure from entrepreneurs at a start up to C-level executives at a Fortune 500 company. The need to learn how to adapt and constantly iterate and find new and creative ways to traverse both the pitfalls and success that lies ahead is becoming more important across the business landscape. Another key ingredient of The New Narrative of Disability that cannot go underscored is the nature of attitude. The disability experience teaches one to deal with challenges but it also engenders a will and desire to find greater success and cultivate an inner drive that can be seen as a vital piece of the puzzle to help motivate both organizations and individuals to a greater sense of purpose and a drive towards personal and professional success.

The New Narrative of Disability understands that the very essence of business is built upon a foundation of having insight into the nuance of human behavior and how this impacts one’s daily business life. Building that connection will continue to be crucial in redefining the very value of disability and seeing it through the lens of a new paradigm that offers true value to all who embrace it.

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