Five Crisp Questions To Jonathan Sandelman, CEO Of Ayr Strategies Inc.

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Ayr Strategies Inc.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about yourself? Why cannabis? When did you decide to leave traditional business for a much different path? 

Jonathan Sandelman=JS: I am extremely intellectually curious and I love to live on the far end of the innovation curve, identify trends at the early stages. I’m also fascinated by people – what motivates people, what connects us. Cannabis fits squarely on the innovation curve, but it is also very human business – our cannabis business operates at the cross section of wellness and wonder. 


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Ayr Strategies Inc.

WB: When did you first discover cannabis? Recreational or medicinal? Outdoor or indoor grown? What do your peers think about what you do? How do you describe your path in cannabis?

JS: In 2017 when the equity prices of Canadian cannabis companies were soaring, I really took notice. After doing the detailed work, it was clear to me that the US would be a much more substantial opportunity. In 2017, my friends actually thought I was a bit crazy to dedicate myself to cannabis, but today they see what I saw years ago and many are now investors our company.

Ayr Strategies Inc.

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Ayr Strategies Inc.

WB: Tell me about your company? What is your six month plan? One year? What obstacles stand in your way? How do you propose removing those obstacles?

JS: AYR Strategies is a vertically integrated multi-state operator with a presence in the western and eastern US. We are cash flow positive – which is rare in the cannabis sector, but where I come from (the finance world) that is the definition of a good company. We built AYR to be a strong company that can withstand tough market environments. The capital markets for cannabis companies have gone through a huge dislocation in the last few months, and because we built the company to be cash flow positive and resilient – this is actually an opportunity for us, not a challenge. This is a great time to expand our footprint with more excellent assets at attractive prices.

 WB: Do you cook? If so, who taught you? Mother? Father? Grandparents? Television Cooking Shows? What is your favorite restaurant? Where? Food style?

JS: I love to cook! It is my beautiful wife who taught me – and we love to cook together, try new recipes and share them with our family and friends.

Ayr Strategies Inc.

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Ayr Strategies Inc.

WB: What is your passion?

JS: I love to be surrounded by brilliance and greatness – in all forms.  I strive for brilliance and greatness every day myself, and there is not greater joy than being surrounded by others committed to the same goal.  Add to that, a true authentic commitment to making this world better – which we very much try to do through our corporate social responsibility initiatives – and that is my passion.

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