Apple Card: Here Are All The Credit Card’s 3% Cash Back Benefits Partners

Cash back reward benefits are big draws for credit card users, and the Apple Card is using the perk to become more competitive in consumers’ wallets.

When Apple announced the Apple Card in March, the company boasted enhanced security, no fees, and a fully digital experience. Another cardholder benefit was a 3% Daily Cash (Apple Card’s cash back perk) rebate on purchases made at Apple using Apple Pay, a 2% reward on transactions at other companies using Apple’s credit card via Apple Pay, and a 1% benefit when the physical card gets swiped.

Now businesses are partnering with Apple to give Apple Card owners a 3% cash back reward. Here are the companies that are partnering on deals with Apple Card:


T-Mobile is currently the only mobile service provider partnering with Apple Card, but the deal comes with a catch. Cardholders can only get the 3% cash back reward when they use their Apple Card via the Apple Pay app to make in-store purchases or pay their monthly bill at T-Mobile.

The carrier announced the partnership shortly after Apple’s annual event where it unveiled the new lineup of iPhones.


Uber was the first company to partner with Apple’s credit card, offering a 3% cash back benefit for rides and Uber Eats purchases. That’s an interesting perk for Apple Card owners, because its actually more than the reward that Uber’s own branded credit card gives for rides. The Uber Visa card from Barclays only gives 2% back on Uber purchases, but 4% for Uber Eats.


Walgreens, and by extension Duane Reade which the drug store chain purchased in 2010, partnered with Apple Card in September, offering the 3% cash back credit card benefit when using Apple Pay or when swiping the card, if Apple Pay was unavailable.

“We know our customers love Apple Pay and they’re looking for convenient ways to shop and pay for their purchases at Walgreens,” said Walgreens chief merchandising officer Joe Hartsig. “We’re pleased to offer a higher level of Daily Cash on Apple Card for even better value on daily essentials, medicines, and prescriptions.”

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