Want To Win $1,000? Use A Flip Phone For A Week

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How much money would it take for you give up your smartphone for a week?

If $1,000 would do the trick, then here’s what you need to know.

Flip Phone Challenge

Frontier Communications, the Utah-based phone, internet and cable company, is bringing the 90’s back in full force to mark the 30th anniversary of the flip phone.

With its “Flip Phone Challenge,” Frontier will give $1,000 to one winner who can bravely give up their smartphone for one week and use a flip phone instead.

Can you survive?

According to Pew, 95% of Americans own a cell phone, with 77% owning a smartphone.

In addition to a $1,000 prize, Frontier will also provide you with a stellar 90’s package that includes a “Boredom Buster Swag Bag”:

  • map (remember those?)
  • pocket phone book (remember those?)
  • notepad (for grocery lists)
  • pen
  • few CDs from the 1990s (Britney and NSYNC)

What You Have To Do In Return

Here’s are a few things you’ll need to do to win the prizes:

  • Give up your smartphone for seven days, and use a flip phone instead.
  • Log your experience, and share how long it takes to complete basic tasks like texting and email and how, if at all, your productivity changed.

Frontier may ask you to complete additional, related tasks. Frontier says the goal of this challenge is to “help us understand how much we rely on smartphones and how that affects day-to-day life.”

How To Apply

To apply for the “Flip Phone Challenge,” you’ll share basic information, the brand of your current smartphone, your favorite social media apps and why you’re the best choice for this social experiment. You can also include an optional video about yourself. While the winner be drawn at random, Frontier says additional bonus points will be given to “applicants who have an active social presence or are willing to vlog their experience.”

Frontier says you must be 18 or over and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to participate. While the winner can still use a computer at work, the winner will apparently sign a contract promising not to use a smartphone.  

Frontier will choose one winner who will be notified by July 8, 2019.

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